Finding Out the Truth Behind Your Death

You were taken from me, too quickly, you were, brutally murdered by someone, and because of how young I was, they’d never told me the reasons behind your death, and, I grew up, with this VITAL part of my own history, missing…

So, one day, I was, sorting through those old and dusty files stacked up, in the attic, and, I’d, tipped a box over, and, everything inside fell out.  Something caught my eyes, it was, a picture of you, in your younger years, about my age right now, you looked, different, I don’t know what about it, but, there’s just something UP with that photograph of you, and, I’d tried to ask dad about it, but, he’d just, shrugged it off.  And, the questions about you, I’d kept, all to myself.

Then, I’d gotten a call, from someone, who claimed that he knew you, at first, I didn’t pay it too much heed, as you were very, social, or so I’d been told, and a little on down the line, the person, who’d called me to tell me that he knew you, bumped into me one day, and, he recognized me right away, as your daughter, I don’t know how, because everybody told me, ever since my younger years, that I looked more like dad than you.

It was, through the conversation with this “stranger”, that I’d gotten to know you better, I’d learned about the kind of persons that you were, before you met dad, and learned about, how your marriage to him, changed you, and then, everything just, unfolded…

Finding out the truth behind your death, I had, and, at first, I just, couldn’t come to the acceptance, that you were actually, MURDERED by someone who’s closed to you, someone who’d VOWED to love you, and, it took me, a very long time, to finally let you go, completely.

Now I sit here, in this big old chair you once sat in with me, as I flipped through, those pages of yellowed photographs with you in them………


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