Losing isn’t Necessarily Losing

Let’s see how FATE worked ITS magic this time, translated…

Back then, my friend Yun-Ru was making excellent grade in Taipei’s First All-Girls’ High School, to get accepted into a top-notch public university should be no problems for her, but she’d made bad markings on the national college entrance exams, and, got into the nursing department of a certain medical university down south.

Seeing how the rest of her classmates all got into the majors of their choices, other than feeling envious, she couldn’t help cover up her own disappointments toward herself.  And because she didn’t want to put a damper on her parents’ economic stress, after discussing it with her family, she’d decided to not take the exams again, and just went to study in the university in the southern regions of the country.

Maybe, it was the fact, that “affinity can span across the distances”, after she’d gotten into the school, she’d met up with a male classmate from Kaohsiung, they hit it off, and, fell in love, after they’d graduated, they’d married.

The two of them are very much in love, and have two healthy, bouncing little boys, and her in-laws treated her as if she were their own.  Yun-Ru’s husband graduated from the dental department, and now owns and operates a dental office, which a ton of clients, and, Yun-Ru also successfully passed the examinations and became a teacher at a public high school, her life is set, a good marriage, and a wonderful job too.

Other than saying how she must have done something wonderful in a past life, the group of us started understanding in depth, the philosophy of “losing isn’t necessarily losing” at all!

And because, it’s written in her stars, that, is why everything works out, and this woman was kind enough, to not put any economic stress on her own family, which had earned her the blessings later on in her life…


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