Because the World Expects to See Us as So

We acted, as if we were still, very much in love, despite of how things really are for us, because the world expects to see us that way…because the world expects to see us as a certain way, we are pressured into complying, to this view, this expectation that the world has for us to fulfill.

Because the world expects to see as us enemies, because our families had been feuding, even before we were born, and, it don’t matter to them, that we’re actually, very much in love, the world expected blood to be shed, and so, blood, shall be shed!

Because the world expects to see us as, but why, why the HELL can’t we just, answer to ourselves, instead of making the world happy?  And, why must we, do what the world tells us to, and, black out the values we have for ourselves?  Oh yeah, because we are all, in need of acceptance from the world outside, because we’re, very social organisms, and, without the approvals, or whatever we will, surely, lose OUR statuses, popularities, with the crowd, and, we shan’t let that happen, shall we now???  Of course N-O-T!!!

Because the world expects to see us a certain way, we’d become, self-fulfilling prophecies, and, once we’d become that, there’s NO way of turning back from, this road we’re traveling down, and, where this road’s leadin’, well, you wouldn’t want to know…

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