The Actress, Melody Never Used Baby Tones Or Stacking Words When She Talk to Her Kids

This, is how a famous person does it, teach and train, and interact with her young, that is, translated…

The actress, Melody who was raised in the U.S., but surprisingly, she’d grown up, under her parents’ traditional Chinese education ways.  “When we were younger, before my father sat on the dinner tables, we were not to start eating, as the adults entered the door, all the children must stand up, everybody thought, that I’m an ABC, that I wouldn’t pay attention to the traditional Chinese values of respecting one’s elders, actually, my parents placed great emphasis on cultural behaviors, and they’d paid strict attention to our manners too.”, and this had caused her to prefer living in Taiwan, although she was born and raised in the U.S.

Couldn’t Swallow it Down, the Parents and Children Started Having Frictions

Melody’s parents were first generation immigrants to the U.S., they’d had a hard life, and they’d often become too busy, that they didn’t have the time to communicate with their kids, and had educated Melody using Chinese ways, which made Melody, who was raised in the American cultures having adjustment issues, and they’d had disagreements, “in my teenage years, I’d locked myself up in my room, not talking to my parents, and my mom believed, that the more we’d rebelled, the tighter she must keep control on me, which made me run even farther away from them, it wasn’t until I passed through my puberty, did I become closer to my parents again.”

Melody told, that as a mother, she’d gotten better understanding of where her parents came from, but she’d also adjusted her own ways of educating her two daughters, “I’d told my two daughters a lot of things, encouraged them to speak up, and the parents MUST observe, to see when they can be more leisurely in interacting with their own offspring.”

Her parents gave Melody two wisdoms of life, one, allowing things in life to just flow, to not care about winning or losing too much, “I’d used to think, if you don’t take winning and losing too seriously, how can you be successful?  But with the coming of age, I’d learned, that hard work is a must, but, not to get trapped, if you’d worked hard for something and still can’t get it, you must learn to ‘let it go’.”  Her father taught her to understand how to handle the interactions between her and her friends, Melody smiled and told, that she felt her parents’ words were too broad from before, “and now, I’m taking their advice, whatever you do, you must be smooth, see everything in all the possible angles, that way, you will be successful.”

Having Set Messages, Feeling Very Secure

Melody’s two daughters are three and four years old, but they’d spoken, in a clear and precise manner, and, it’s all in part to her, NOT using baby tones with her children.  She’d believed, that the younger the kids, the more systematic the messages need to be, so the kids can feel secure, “the parents must be decisive, I don’t give them materialistic things to keep them happy, so, when they’d gone to the toy shops, they wouldn’t bug me about buying them toys; and, after they are full at the tables, they’d get off, and, I don’t give them any snacks, and, when my children goes hungry, then, they’d learned, that they need to eat their proper meals tomorrow.”  Melody pays close attention to her kids’ ability to create, the game her kids played the most often is drawing pictures, the youngest daughter only needed a pair of children’s scissors, a piece of useless ad page, and, she can keep herself entertained for an hour, “the only toy I get for them is Lego, after they got bored from playing, I’d put the blocks up, and after awhile, I’d taken them out again, and, they’d felt that it was something new, if I gave them too many toys, they’ll end up, not cherishing what they have enough.”

Insistence on Communication, Teaching the Right Attitudes When the Kids are Still Young

Melody insisted on communication, and, in the Chinese New Year’s, she’d gotten the sweet fruits of her hard labor, the whole family traveled to Thailand, she and her daughters communicated, that they are not bringing the strollers along, that they must walk on their own, “I’d told them, that if they get tired, then, we can rest, but, mommy will not carry them, and, my youngest actually managed the entire way too”, Melody believed, that a lot of parents believed that the children are too young, and couldn’t understand, but, you can actually communicate with a child, “children have amazing capabilities to understand things, and, you must teach them the correct attitudes from when they were younger, I’d used Chinese AND English interchangeably at home, and, the children are really good learners, and are used to listening to both languages.”

And so, this, is how ways of education gets passed down, the woman here has a father who’s an authoritarian type parent, and, because she’d had difficulties, getting along with her father in her earlier years, and so, now she has her own, she did NOT treat her own kids the way her father educated her, instead, she took a more open method, and, the kids growing up under this way of teaching will become better adapted indeed!


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