Slowly, She’s Forgetting…

Her memories are, drained, little, by little from her mind each and every day, and soon, we’re all afraid, that she won’t even KNOW who she is, which, is why, we’re working, real hard, tryin’ to capture the moments of her lucidity, because, we’re all afraid, of losing her, to dementia…

Slowly, she’s forgetting, first, it’s the grandchildren’s names, and, who’s kids are they, then comes, the names, of her own offspring, save for that one, you know, the one she always keeps, close to her  mind?  And then, her spouse would “go” too…

Slowly, she’s forgetting, I wish, that there are some ways, that I can make sure, that she remembers, but, the more I’d forced her to recall, the more frustrated she’d become, and, she’d become, too withdrawn, to interact with me.

Slowly, she’s forgetting, and now, I’m burdened, with the memories of her better self, and, I just can’t get over the fact, that this gray-haired woman who’s sitting in a wheelchair (as she’d forgotten how to walk too!!!) before me, once held my hand, and told me, not to be afraid…

Slowly, she’s forgetting, and, eventually, she won’t even remember WHO she is anymore, but, we will all be here, to remind her, of how much love there is, around her, how many of us (that’s still ALL of us here!!!) still cared very much so about her.

Even though, she’s slowly forgetting, we will, carry forth with the memories she had let go of, because that, is what we, her offspring, are supposed to do………

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