Saving My Father’s Memories, with the Help of the Grandkids

Ways to resolve the issues of memory loss from the onset of dementia, and, it works too, translated…

My father had always been watchful of his own health conditions, until the year he’d turned eighty-three, he’d had a stroke, and fallen.  All of a sudden, he was without his mobility, and there were so many things on his mind that’s turned complex, he’d become watchful of his environment, and just sat and observed, with this coldness in his eyes.

My father who once carried the family through the storms, when he’d fallen ill, my mother and all of us chipped in, to care for him, hoped to reduce the damages in all aspects of his life to the minimal.  We, who had our separate families, took turns, headed home to hold conversations with my father, to fill the house with more laughter and life.

Until one day, I’d realized, that in my half-hour conversing with my father, he’d asked the same questions SIX times.  My mother told me, that in these past fifteen days, he’d repeated the same things over, over, and over.  I’d tried asking my father, what he’d just had for supper, or what he’d just watched on the news, and, he’d always replied, “I forgot!”

I’d inquired the doctors, and they’d told me, that this, was the onset of aging, and the preliminary symptoms of dementia.  In order for my father to remember the family members who loved him so, we must work hard together, to connect with him even more.  On top of that, we’d taught the younger grandchildren to sing nursery rhymes, and hold casual conversations with him by his bedside, to help him recall his own past.  And, because we’d found the kids to help, it’d brightened up my father’s eyes, and, his moods were lifted!

“Don’t tire yourself out, it’s cold these couple of days, DO remember, to put on an extra layer of clothes!”, recalling these words that my father used to say to us, as show of care and concern, how he’d truly cared for his children, it’d made me feel real sad.

I know, that we’re running this hard race with time, and we’re trying hard, to salvage my father’s memories, we’re, working at it currently!

And so, this, IS how dementia affect the ENTIRE family, because the person you loved dearly, the person who took care of you when you were just a child, will one day, forget who you are, and, it is, very painful, and hard to cope with, but, there’s NOTHING we can do, to CURE this condition, we can only hope, that the progression of dementia can be slowed down, and, when your elderly parents or grandparents are diagnosed with dementia, they need your accompaniments, now, more so than ever.


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