Another Case Like Michael Brown

But this time, the kid’s name WAS Tony Robinson, from…

A 19-year-old black man was shot dead Friday during a confrontation with a police officer in Madison, Wisconsin, according to police.

A family spokesman confirmed to NBC affiliate WMTV that the deceased was 19-year-old Tony Robinson, a graduate of Sun Prairie high school.

The shooting took place Friday evening, according to police, and sparked protests including a sit-in at Madison City Hall.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said an officer responded to reports of a man walking in traffic and hitting pedestrians, WMTV reported.

Koval said the officer followed the man to a residence, where he attacked the officer. During the confrontation the officer drew his weapon and shot the suspect.

The officer performed CPR on the suspect, who was taken to a hospital but later died. Koval said the Division of Criminal Investigation will lead a probe into the shooting.

More than 100 protesters gathered at the scene of the shooting, according to witnesses and reports, with video showing the crowd chanting: “Who can you trust? Not the police.”

“He was a loving and caring young man according to his grandmother,” family spokesman Michael Johnson said on Facebook.

Johnson said Robinson wanted a business degree and that he was about to attend the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Police are expected to release more details about the incident Saturday morning.

And so, we still have here, an officer of the law, SHOOTING an African American boy, because the boy appeared armed and dangerous, and, given the circumstances, you’d think, that the officer only needed to shoot the boy, to WOUND him, NOT to kill him, but, that, was what had happened, and now, we have, ANOTHER Ferguson, ALL over again!

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