An Unexpected Surprise, on the Matter of Marriage


Xiao-Ching got a call from her son, and, he’d wanted to tell her something, but, something had stopped him, “It’s really nothing!  I’ll tell you about it when you come home.”

The two of them had interacted with LINE, unless it was something major, they normally don’t call one another up on the phones.  And so, Xiao-Ching told her son, “It’s convenient for me to talk now, so, what is it?”

Her son told her, “You’re going to be a grandma!”

Did she hear it wrong, Xiao-Ching asked again, “What was that again?”

Her son said, “I’ll have her tell you.”

Her son’s girlfriend took the phone, “Auntie, you’re going to be a young grandma!”

Although she was shocked, she’d still pretended that it was no big deal, “Congratulations, the two of you, how far along are you?  Did you tell your parents already?”

The girlfriend told her, “About seven months, and I’d just told my parents too.”

Because of this accidental “good” news, it’d made the newly formed in-laws panic, they must hurry through the process of marriage now, and embrace this brand new addition to the family.  Other than consulting the friends and families, they’d also searched online for the dos of the engagements, of the weddings.  And gladly, both sets of parents are easygoing, easy to communicate, so long as the minimal was done, and, notifying everybody about this joyous news, and, everybody’s happy.

The two of them had only started working, just two years ago, with NO economic basis, and, they’d first gotten married (dizzied), and the child also came early too, how can they be so careless.  The parents grilled them on not being prepared enough, but the two of them said, self-righteously, “Because we couldn’t afford a house right now, we’d decided, to have a child first, naturally!”, and, the parents don’t know whether to cry or laugh at what they’d said.

But, this had made us all envious, because some of our sons had married for two years, and, the daughters-in-law hadn’t had any news, and, we don’t dare to ask, or pressure them; someone’s son and girlfriend lived together for three years, and, the parents wanted them to marry because of their child, but, the younger generations don’t have that in mind; some of our children are already at marrying age, but, the one for their daughters and sons, nowhere to be found, and, the parents are truly, stressed out.

Both the parents are very happy over this “upgrade”, the girl’s side of the family, naturally, felt quite unwilling, that their daughter was leaving the nest so soon, but, Taiwan had shrunk in size, and, if they’d missed one another, they can meet up anytime.  As for the man’s side of the family, well, it’s rowdy all right, with one more newborn, adding to the blessings.

So long as the young couple are close, are willing to work hard, and willing to live with the parents, even IF life gets hard, they can still pass the days happily.

I hope, that Xiao-Ching can be a blessed young mother-in-law, young grandma.

And so, with the current situations of not very many of the younger generations of children willing to marry and have kids, this, is really rare, and, because they wanted to start a family together, and that, would become a good basis, from which, to build up their love from, and hopefully, the two young people will keep the love going on, until the very end…


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