A Woman Donated Her Kidney to a Complete Stranger, with Her Act of Kindness, Six Others Followed Her Footsteps

Because you were touched, by this woman’s action of kindness, so, it’d initiated you to do the same too, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the California Pacific Medical Center, on the fifth of this month, there was the biggest case of six kidney donations from people who are alive, and this started, with how a fifty-five year old, Zully Broussard’s willingness to donate one of her kidney to a complete stranger, causing the chain reaction of six other donors’ willingness to donate to six extra patients.

The Pacific Medical Center in California said, that this series of transplant surgeries came from Julie, who lives in Sacramento, she wanted to donate to a friend, but she wasn’t a match genetically, but, she’d matched up with a male patient; and this male patient had a female relative, who’d originally wanted to donate a kidney to him, but wasn’t a match, instead, her kidneys matched up with a female patient in Fresno; and, this female patient’s son had originally agreed to donate his kidney to her, but, he wasn’t a match, and his kidney was donated to another woman unrelated to him.

To stated it simply, all the donors didn’t match up to the people they wanted to donate to genetically, but they’d all agreed, to donate their kidney to someone who matched up.

The hospital used the software, and found six other recipients who are between ages twenty-four and seventy, and were all living in the San Francisco Bay region.  The six surgeries were separated into two sets, and had occurred on the fifth and the sixth of this month.

Julie’s son and husband both died of cancer respectively, she knew the “feelings of having one more day in life”, and had only intended to help just one other person, and, she’d ended up helping six others.  Before her surgery, she’d told the press, “I’m actually, quite excited, and not nervous at all.  I feel, that there’s a greater power at work, and I’m merely, a small link.”

The Pacific Medical Center in California had made the precedent of having ten people involved in a five transplant case, and this time it was with twelve individuals, and six transplants ongoing, and, it’d become, this new record in California.  There were barely 17,000 cases of kidney donations per year in the U.S., and, of all of these, only five, to six thousand were from donors who are alive.

See how far one person’s kind thoughts can go???  That, is just the power of ONE, working ITS magic, because people are touched, by this woman’s actions to help her friend out, but because she couldn’t match up with her friend, but managed to match up with a total stranger, she’d still donated her kidney to that stranger, which initiated the cycle of kindness, which still shows, that kindness is also, just as infectious too, isn’t it???



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