The World Slowly Forgets

This, may happen, just give it some time, or maybe, it happens, QUICKER than we’d all expected it to, who knows???

The world slowly forgets, puts everything that’s bad that’s already occurred to someone behind it, as it keeps on, turning, from day to day.  The world slowly forgets, about the pains and sufferings, that we’re all under, and pays NO attention to the sharpened cries that woke up the nights.

The world slowly forgets, because that, is the only way it CAN heal, don’t you know that?  The best way to move on, is by putting it all, behind you!  But, how can the world, just be so god DAMN cold?  How can the world, just stood by, and watched, as that innocent man got brutally murdered, by someone who “felt like it”?

The world slowly forgets, it must, otherwise, it would be, burdened, with the painful memories of what it’d been put through, and, I’m MORE than positive, that the amount of pain is great enough, to KILL it!  So, the world will slowly forget, about things that happened yesterday, when today came, and, by tomorrow’s morning light, it would’ve, forgotten about, what happened today too…


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