Time Took from Us

Time took from us, everything, and, we can’t, get it back again!!!  Time took from us, everything that mattered, and was, too important, for us, to lose.

Time took from us, too much already, and, it’s still, taking, and, it will, NEVER stop taking, until, there’s NOTHING left, for it to take anymore.

Time took from us, and, there was, nothing, that any of us could do, but, to let what’s taken, BE taken.  Time took from us, all that we wanted, and needed, and, I don’t know how to get what’s taken from me by time, back again, and it just hurt…

Time took from us, there was, NOTHING that I can do, but to mourn, what IS lost, is taken, by time.  Time took from us, and, I want it all back, so, I’d started, bargaining with time, and, it’s still not, working out, and I don’t know, how to cope, with what I’d lost, through time.

Time took from us, too much already, I don’t know how, time could’ve gotten a hold, of so much that had once mattered so very much to me, and yet, with the passing of time, I’m slowly, forgetting, I guess, and one day, I’m sure, that time, will take everything FROM us, and then, I’d have, NOTHING left to look back on anymore…


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Filed under Cause & Effect, Cost of Living, Life, Loss, My Thoughts on Various Issues, Philosophies of Life, Vicious Cycle

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