Meeting Their Soul Mates Through Running Together

A story on love and marriage, translated…

On Facebook, I saw the photos of Hsiao-Mei and Jien-Ling, in their wedding gown and tux, as their friends, we’re all, grinning, ear to ear. Because this pair of it couple could, march down the aisle together.

Hsiao-Mei is the supply master of our unit, she’d once worked as a counseling officer for the army, she’s kind to others, and very easygoing, has great leadership abilities, but, her affinity just never quite, catch up with the rest of her life.  And, for these years, she’d gotten used to, being alone on her own, and, as she’d returned home, she’d shifted her focus back to her family, took up the responsibilities, of helping her younger sister raise her children too.

Jien-Ling works as a driver in our unit, he was young, with a low ranking status, but, knew how to interact well with others, he’s respectful toward his superiors, and kind toward his peers, and, manages to complete the tasks assigned to him well.  Later on, there was an opening in another unit, of a higher ranking status, although it was, harder work, he’d still, decided, to say yes to the post.

Once, their common friend, Ming, in a casual conversation, mentioned to Jien-Ling who wasn’t seeing anybody, “Xiao-Mei’s great, do you want to try and pursue her?”, but because of the age difference, Jien-Ling said, “but, she’s so many years older than I am, is that okay?”

“It’s fine, age is not the problem, plus, it’s hard, for another good girl to come by.  She’d enjoyed jogging, you too, so, why not, ask her out, for a jog for starter?”

And so, they’d gotten to know one another through this shared hobby of theirs, and, because of how similar in personality they were, they’d become a pair who run together, back then, they hadn’t opened up about their love yet, but, in Xiao-Mei’s Facebook pages, there are often photos of them on outings together, but, the photos kept us all, guessing, because it’s either that there was a picture of two pairs of sunglasses, or, a pair of wine glasses, or, two pairs of running shoes, right next to each other, and, the male lead is hidden somewhere, just didn’t show up.

Until one day, someone saw Jien-Ling, with Xiao-Mei, shopping in the wholesales places, arm-in-arm, that, was when Xiao-Mei came out to the open, and said, that Jien-Ling is her boyfriend, and, Jien-Ling’s kindness toward her, as well as his passions, is the primary cause, for Xiao-Mei to, leave her single status, as well as the public’s opinion of her, and made her willing to get into making a family with him.

Seeing how Xiao-Mei had on her red gown, Jien-Ling in his tux, looking happy, standing next to one another, their bliss had also, infected me too.

So, it took this woman long enough, to find her soul mate, and, they’d started out, sharing a common interest, and this, is very important in a relationship, because the two of you must have something in common, other than love, because love will eventually wear off, and, if all you had was the love, what happens, after the love wears off?  The two of you would part, because there’s nothing left for the two of you to share anymore, but, for this couple, they started out, sharing the common interests in exercising, and, that had become, the foundation, to which, they’d built up their relationship…


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