Masking Up Their P.T.S.D.

Because, perhaps, you are prone to believe, that nobody KNOWS what you’d weathered through, or could come close to, remotely, understand what you’d been put through, or are going through currently???

Masking up their P.T.S.D., that, was what they were expected to do, after all, the way to survive, in a WARZONE is by showing ABSOLUTELY NO weakness whatsoever!  And so, because their P.T.S.D. had been covered up, buried under layers and layers of whatever, when it finally gets discovered, it will give off MORE energies compared to IF it was dealt with when it was first found out about.

Masking up their P.T.S.D., because the world SHUNS the weak, and so, we all learned, to NOT show our weaknesses to this outside world, but that still didn’t mean, that those weakness that are a part of us, are no longer there, it’s just, that they’d been suppressed, to the depth, of our subconscious, and now, they’re slowly, taking over, all our unconscious, and, when everything finally BLOW up, it’s gonna cause, more damages than you can ever imagine, even WORSE compared to if you’d dealt with the issues, causing, and surrounding, your own posttraumatic stress.

Masking up their P.T.S.D., that, was what they were taught to do, and, in this time of war, it’s either, that you kill me, or, I kill you, and, I refuse to die, and so, you must, and so, this vicious cycle of P.T.S.D. still keeps on rolling, rolling, rolling………


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