Like Brand New, Between a Husband and a Wife


About a decade ago, my husband gave me a highly priced frying pan as a gift, stressed, that it was the favorite of the five-star hotel chef’s, that I can use it for anything related to cooking.  But, this gift, for me, who’s not at all, a person who enjoys cooking, was way too impractical, and right then and there, I’d thrown my temper tantrums at him.

And, my husband’s scam finally worked too, I’d cooked more and more, because the frying pan really is very good to use, whether it be frying a fish, or making sunny side up, I’d able to, cook to perfection.  What’s more, was without adding a drop of water, I’d be able to make a fresh hard-broiled egg, with some pepper, salt, or some sugar, it’d taste amazing.

And now, this frying pan that could be retired, from the years of never-ending use, is already now, scarred, the bottom of the pan was now, stained yellow, and, no matter how hard I’d scrubbed, I can’t get it to come off, I should get rid of this old one, and get a new one, I’d started asking around, to find out which pans are cheap and easy to use.

After my husband learned, he’d stated unwillingly, “It’s still usable, and it’s such a shame you’ll be throwing it out.”, but he’d respected my needs, and supported that I get a new one.

During this time, my husband busied himself in and out, first, he’d become a “doctor”, examined the “illness” of the frying pan, looked online for information for a possible “cure”.  Then, he’d headed over to the sales mart, to get all the needed materials, and, got ready to start fixing.  Every morning this week, he’d become a handyman, started polishing the pan, and, scraped off the years of dirt and oils that were, accumulated on the side of my pan.

I’d reminded him out of kindness, “you’re not young anymore, just do what you can, don’t hurt yourself.”, and, what I really wanted to remind him was, “don’t work yourself too hard, you’ll get wiped out.”  And even though, we’d been married for many years, I’d still worried, that he might find my words too sharp, and so, I’d dressed it up.  But, he’d turned deaf, just buried his head in his work, seeing the focus, the giving-it-all attitude, it’s actually, quite, touching.

What’s unimaginable was, in my husband’s persistence, the originally blackened bottom of the pan became shiny once more, and, I can use it for another decade or so no problem.

And that, was my husband’s way, anything from toys, to household appliances, if it’s broken or stopped working, he’d never quit on them that easily, he’d always took the mind of research, try to fix them up; and, if he couldn’t manage to save something, he’d still taken off the spare parts, so that he could have it to use when he’d needed it, on some other projects.  My daughter still feels very blessed, that she could have a “Genius dad who knows how to do any and everything.”

In the twenty-seven years, I’m the one who’d benefited from his attitude the most, he’d used the same attitude he took to cherish these old things, to thank me for giving to the family, and put up with my being spoiled, worked hard, to keep our marriage working.  And so, we’re just as great as when we first wed, if not better.

And so, this, is the man’s attitude, and, his mindset of never throwing anything out that has the possibilities of being fixed, is transferred to how he manages his family, and, his wife is grateful, for his attitude, which makes her cherish this man even more, and, love is still, being reciprocated here, endlessly…


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