Killed by an Ex-Lover? She’d Gone Back to Her Mother’s House to Hide Out from Her Ex. Three Bullets, Causing One Death, One Seriously Injured

So here, we still have a case of love, turning into hate, and, hate had, become murder, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The neighbors thought that they were setting off firecrackers, as the child cries for his mom, that, was when they’d learned, that the tragic murder had occurred, with the ex-boyfriend, making his way inside her house without her knowledge, afterwards, he’d gone off the radars, the deceased had once disclosed, “I’m real tired”.

The 27-year-old woman, Huang and her uncle from her mother’s side were found yesterday morning, being shot, lying on the floor, as the paramedics rushed them to the hospitals, Huang had died, and the uncle was in a coma, due to his serious injuries, and the one-and-a-half year old child whom Huang had with her ex-boyfriend was unharmed; the police suspected, that the ex-boyfriend who had gone missing was involved, and they’re now, doing all that they can, to track him down.

Huang (age 27), had bullet wounds on the left side of her forehead, as well as her left thoracic region, with eight separate knife slashes, that were, as deeply into the heart; her uncle, Yang (age 63) had a bullet wound in his left forehead, and is now, in a level three comatose, is in critical condition, the two of them were both shot, at close range.  Huang moved back home, to get away from her 33-year-old ex-boyfriend, Huang, the police suspected that it was a case of love, turning into murder.

This one death, one seriously wounded shooting case occurred at around eleven in the morning yesterday, the relatives who lived nearby first heard the shots, mistook it as someone setting off firecrackers, until after a little over ten minutes, when the little boy cried for his mother, they’d found, that something was off; everybody went into the house, found Yang lying dead, in the hallways, and Huang, already dead, in a pool of blood, in the kitchen.

Before the police had arrived, the relatives had already taken the little boy away, the police suspected, that the child was originally on the bed in the bedroom of the first floor, and the door was opened; back then, all the other members of the family were out, there was only Huang, her uncle, Yang, and the little boy.

The police reviewed the surveillance cameras, and found that the ex, Huang had made his way into the house in secrecy, but didn’t get the footage of him, leaving; at the scene, they’d found two shell casings, two unfired bullets, but they didn’t discover the gun.

Before the shooting, Huang had rented a car, and afterwards, he went missing, and the car was found, a little more than twenty kilometers away from the scene of the crime.

Huang worked as a nurse from before, the relatives disclosed, that she and Huang had been dating for a little over three years, until before she was pregnant, did she learn about the man’s history, of having an ex-wife, and three kids; the boyfriend would often beat her up, Huang originally thought, that the situations would improve after she’d had her son, but, her boyfriend exacerbated, and threatened to give her son away to somebody else to raise.

Huang quit her job, and, on New Year’s Eve, she’d moved back in with her mother with her son, without realizing that Huang had found them, and went to her mother’s place, multiple times, to beg to get back together again, and, perhaps, it was because she’d set up her mind on leaving him, that was what initiated him in killing her.

Huang the woman had posted so many photographs of her, being close to her son, one of the photos was with her, holding a slip of paper with, “I’m tired!”, with “Had I only know” on it.  Huang’s mother had lost her daughter and cried to say, that she would NEVER forgive her boyfriend for taking her life.

And so, this, was how love ended in murder, because the woman realized that the man would hurt her, and, she wanted out, but, he was not going to have any of it, after all, in these relationships, the abusing party will NEVER allow the abused to leave her/him, and in this case, a tragic end…

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