As the Child Start Throwing Her/His Tantrums, the Doctors are Hurried, to Medicate

From someone’s firsthand experiences, translated…

Awhile ago, I’d thumbed across an article written by an elementary school teacher on how a lot of the parents were asked by the schools to take their kids to get assessed for A.D.H.D., emotional problems, etc., etc., etc., and there are, more and more kids, getting diagnosed as A.D.H.D., and, there are parents who were asked, to medicate their young, so they can reduce their activity level.  I’m putting aside, whether or not the schools are doing right or wrong, but, this article roused up my memories of taking my own son to the doctor’s offices.

Three years ago, my last year kindergarten level son had gone through a phase of emotional ups and downs, when things don’t go his way, he’d throw a temper tantrum, or scratched himself on the hands and arms until he’d bled.  Back then, we believed, that we MUST tackle his emotional problems head on, but, as anxious as we were back then, neither one of us knew where to start, tackling the problems, and, we’d guessed that, we may have an answer by taking him to the psychiatrist’s office, so he could be evaluated, and, we’d know how, to better help him out.

As we’d gone to the child psychiatric department, talked with the doctors, and, we’d found, that all he’d cared about was, “who” referred us to the child psychiatrist?  And that, was when it dawned on me, turns out, that this teaching hospital doesn’t do psych evaluations, nor does it offer counseling, let alone, group therapies, all the doctors there do was, use medications, to get rid of ALL the “symptoms”, and they have no need to further understand, why the child is having the emotional ups and downs, nor do they care about teaching the children to exert control over their emotions, just used the meds, to get the kids to react less, to have NO emotional response, then, problems solved!

Back then, the two of us was like running like hell, out of the doctor’s office, and shocked at how quickly the doctor decided to medicate a child who’s not yet even school age, and suspected that if there were, parents, who were, willing to allow their children to get medicated, on substances that may have great side effects.

After we’d returned home, I’d immediately gone online, to search the discussions on “emotional difficulties”, and I’d found, that in the Taipei’s United Hospitals offers psychological counseling, with the therapists, talking to the parents, to understand what was going on with the children, and, through talking, and observing how the children are acting, and, through talking with the therapist, it’d allowed us to introspect, to see, that there might have been some factors that were affecting our son’s behaviors.

Later on, we’d guessed a ton of reasons, and, adjusted our interactions with our son, and, observed how our son is responding to us, interacting with him differently, and finally, it’d helped him get through his emotional unstable phase.

After this, I’d become a firm believer of, how the child reacts, IS in response to the parents’ educating methods, when the child behaves out of the ordinary, the parents can examine, to try to realize, if there are some changes in their routines, that are, causing the child to adapt with difficulties, that way, you can help find a way, to help your own children, to sail through the difficult phases of growing up.

And so, you SEE, what those DUDES in them WHITE robes would do, IF you’d gone to them, with a problem, right???  They’d MEDICATE, without really, getting into the BOTTOM of WHY the behaviors are occurring, and, thankfully, this mom had found a counselor (CPC???), to talk with her/him about what’s going on in her son’s life, and, they were able to, find an effective method, to DEAL with the son’s emotional “problems”, and, had this mother just gone with the way that the first doctor suggested, her son would be, heavily medicated, and, who knows, those meds DO have those unwanted side effects, you DO realize that, don’t you?  So, LISTEN up, parents, do NOT think, that IF and WHEN you kids misbehaved, then, there’s something WRONG with the CHEMISTRY of their brains (as in chemical imbalances, like in Depression or whatever!), EXAMINE your own actions, and I’m sure, that you will realize, that OMG, it’s something that we’re doing, that’s causing our child to RE-act a certain way!!!

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