A Nation of A.D.H.D.

This, is where, we find, ourselves, with kids, overly active, jumping UP AND DOWN, twenty-four seven, and, it’s like, they’d all become, the Energizer Bunny, that just runs, nonstop, without, EVER needing to get that “recharge”!

A nation of A.D.H.D., this, would be the situation we’re currently looking at one in three kid, being diagnosed, maybe???  Because all you GOD DAMN parents, just wanted to have it easy, to have a kid who’s calm, AND collected, when you need them to BE QUIET!!!  But hey, guess what?  Kids are NOT going to BE quiet, because making a HUGE raucous, is what they’re bound to do!  Do you not recall that kid from the last time, who’d gotten HIS entire HEAD, STUCK in the cookie jar already?

And because NONE of you, god DAMN parents are better-equipped to DEAL with your way too ACTIVE, way too JUMPY kids, that, is why, you’d taken them to the shrinks’, and, have them, medicate your own offspring, without knowing, that sending them to a BASKETBALL court, or giving them a TRAMPOLINE to JUMP on, would do the T-R-I-C-K!!!

But, because NONE of you, STUPID (yes, that, would be WHAT you ALL are!!!) parents GET that, therefore, it is, my PREDICTION (and this being MY site and all???), that ALL of your children will become, to heavily MEDICATED, to even react to the least amount of stimulus………


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