Waited for You in Life

I had, waited for you in life, and, several times, you’d come, real close, to coming INTO my life, but, right before that ship’s about to dock, well, the storms came, and blew you out to sea once more, and that’d left me crying on the shorelines, longing, real hard, for you…

Waited for you in life, that, was what I’d done, for the last part of my life, and, believe it or don’t, after over thirty years of waiting nonstop on end, I’d finally reasoned with myself (and I had finally, taken MY own advice too!!!), that you weren’t EVER going to love me the way I’d wanted you to.

Waited for you in life, and, all those times I’d waited for you, that you’d never come, it’d only, hurt me, awfully bad, and yet, I just, couldn’t quite, give up hope, on waiting for you, to come back, and why is that?  Am I that desperately in need of you to love me?  Am I really that dumb?  Of course not, it’s just, that I still needed, some extra time, before this vicious cycle had, finally, stopped rolling is all.

Waited for you in life, but why?  It’s not like you’ll EVER keep any of the promises you’d ever made to me, is it?  So now, I’m thinkin’, that maybe, just maybe, I should, STOP waiting, yeah, that’s what I’d decided to do, and now, I just have to convince my own heart, to give up, waiting on you too.


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Filed under Broken Promises, Choices, Cost of Living, Expectations, Letting Go, Loss, Perspectives, Properties of Life, Story-Telling, Wake Up Calls

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