This Sort of an Amazing Man, on Marriage


Awhile ago, I’d met up with my elementary school classmates whom I hadn’t gathered with for over four decades, and we’d all become middle-aged, and we’d all come as singles to the gathering, only Lucky, who held his two-year-old granddaughter, with his lovely wife, following, close by him, smiling, as they’d approached us, as if, proclaiming to everybody, that he’s the man of the house!

Among us all, Lucky is the only one who’d gained the “title” of “grandpa”, and, everybody couldn’t help but feel envious, at how lucky he is, that at our age, he and his wife were inseparable still.

After middle school, Lucky got into military school, in his early twenties, he was able to marry and have children, he’d also taken on caring for his wife’s family, including his own mother-in-law, as well as his wife’s younger siblings, they’d all lived off of his wages.  Lucky’s treating his wife’s side of the family so kindly and generously, it’s really hard to come by indeed.

Lucky is a professional soldier, had stayed in the army camps all year long, and his wife was young and couldn’t deal with the loneliness, and had multiple affairs, but, all those times, Lucky ran into them.  And because he couldn’t put up with his wife’s infidelity over, and over again, in the end, he’d chosen to divorce her, took their two children and left home, and, gave ALL his assets to his ex-wife.

How can there be such a kind AND generous man on earth!  Perhaps, it’s because how his heart was so generous, or how he was uncalculating, or maybe, the heavens felt bad for him, taking care of two young children, and, eating out all the time.  In a friend’s introductions, he’d met Snow who owns a diner, and, Snow also has two kids of her own. “It’s really hard, for our separate children to get along so well, we DO have the affinities.”  Lucky told us, he was grinning, ear, to ear.

I knew, that other than his day job, he’d also part-timed after work.  For the sake of bettering the lifestyle of his own family, he’d worked hard, endlessly.

Recently, I’d heard him told of how he was about to rent a piece of land, and make it into a farming resort.  He said, that after he retires, whether if it’s friends or strangers, they’re all, welcome to his farm to hang out, he even talked of how he was going to provide for the visitors’ stay free of charge too.

I’m truly expecting that this man of the house’s dreams coming true, in my mind, he is, an amazing, new age, good man.

And so, this man had become blessed, partially because of his gentle nature, he had his share of hardships from before, and now, the heavens are smiling down on him, by giving him a life he rightfully earned, a good one!


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