Chasing the Illusions

This, is what people are prone to do, because those illusions, they’d offered something wonderful, but, they do NOT realize, that what they’re chasing where, merely, illusions.

Chasing the illusions of what seemingly makes you happy, you’d missed out on WHAT makes you happy, and, went for the wrong “selections”, and hey, it happens, so, you’d made the wrong choices, quick, change your decision!  Oh wait, you can’t, because EVERY single action BEARS consequences, whether or NOT you’d like to admit it.

Chasing the illusions?  Well, is that dumb or what?  And, don’t you realize, that what you’re running so fast, to get to, are merely, oasis inside an endless desert???  (Note: because you are way too dehydrated, that, is why you’d start seeing things that aren’t really there, hello, hello, hello???)

Chasing illusions, why, on earth would anybody want to do that?  And, don’t you know, that it’s way, way, WAY better, to have the painful truths, than to live, in a melodious lie???

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