Leading Up to the Murders of His Own Children

Let’s see, what, had caused this N-U-T to CRACK, wide open, shall we???

There’s, getting laid off, as you KNOW how the economy is still, sloping downward, and, all the companies out there are still, looking for ways to CUT the costs of their operation, and so, you got laid off, with just, three measly months of severance, which would run out, right ‘bout the mid of next month!

And, there’s not getting along well with your spouse, s/he’d been on your back, ever since you came home and told her/him that you lost your job, and just, nagged, nagged, nagged, nonstop, and, it’s, driving you CRAZY.  Oh, and don’t forget that annoying, and MUST-BE-THERE family reunion, where you KNOW that your relatives are all going to compare with each other, and that is still, about three months away, but, it’s pressing, behind you right now, and, you felt, suffocated.

Then, there’s that thought of your wife, being unfaithful, and, whether or NOT she was, indeed, cheating on you, is still NOT of nay importance, it’s how you thought she was cheating on you, that got you so angry, and, you couldn’t talk to her, she’s too busy, runnin’ ‘round the house, going in and out of the house, running from her nine-to-five, coming home, dealing with the kids, who are still SCREAMING (QUIET, PIPE DOWN, you ALL!!!).

And, adding ALL those “ingredients”, to that big pot of boiling “soup”, you’d get???  The CHEMICAL reaction of a HUGE explosion, and, you’d, cracked!!!  When all the straws, the camel just can’t carry on ITS back, caused the camel to become crippled, that, is when you’d murdered your own offspring, now, you may be emotionally unstable, but, nobody gives a SHIT, and maybe, in your defense, you didn’t mean to hurt your young, but you had, and now, you’re, charged with, murder, and, your wife’s also divorcing you, SUING you for alimony, and child support, save that there is, NO more kiddies that the two of you shared anymore!

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