When You Forgot, But I’d Still Remembered…

It’s just not fair, that I have to be burdened with the memories of what you’d done to me, but you can, forget about all of it, like it was, nonexistent, and it just makes me ANGRY!!!

When you forgot, but I’d still remembered, this, is just unfair, for you were the ones who’d hurt me, and now, you acted as if, you have NO recollection of what you did (you don’t really remember, because you are now, demented!!!), and I’d wanted to, SCREAM at you, for what you’d done to me, but, every time, before those words of anger, rolled of my tongue, I’d managed to, swallow it all, BACK down once more.

When you’d forgot, but I’d still remembered, why is that?  Because I couldn’t forget, and, you couldn’t remember, and the reason why you can’t remember is because, that, is your way, of coping with something so atrocious, something so EVIL, that you’d committed against, someone that you were, supposed to love………

When you’d forgot, acted like it’s never happened, and I’m still, living with the memories of WHAT had happened, and I will always, AND forever, be keeping ALL those BAD memories, because my mind, my soul, AND my heart, they will NEVER, allow me to, forget, and, I’d already, run OUT of forgiveness, a very, very, very long time ago.


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Filed under Being Exposed, Coping Mechanisms, Cost of Living, Life, Perspectives

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