When Someone You Love Dies

A part of you died with them too, didn’t it???  When someone you love dies, especially, all of a sudden, and, you were, unprepared for that loved one’s demise, you start to question: why!

And, if you keep on thinking in that mode, then, you’ll NEVER begin, to heal from your losses.  When someone you love dies, how can you accept it, especially if the person is still in the prime of her/his life, but hey, the person passed on, what can you do?  Bring her/him back to life (pardon me for saying this!)?  Of course not, and, you may, need the company of denial for a bit, because the death of that certain person came too suddenly, left you, unprepared, to cope with everything that’s happened.

When someone you love dies, you may not be able to at first, but you will, eventually, let time, slowly, wash your pains away, and one day, you’d wake up, and the first thought that popped into your head was that specific person that had passed on, but, you no longer feel sad over the loss of her/him, then, you’d finally, moved on, but, that still doesn’t mean that you’d forgotten, oh no, for the person’s death had, left a deep impact, on your lives, you’re just able to, move forward, because you’d found a way, to live with, to cope with the losses you’d endured.

And that, is how, you heal back up, and, this, is still, a very difficult process, but, you WILL manage it, you must, you have to, because if you don’t, you will NEVER, walk out from the losses in your lives, and, you’d become, TRAPPED by that sensation of loss, of sorrow, and that, is not a good way to live at all………

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