Attributions to His Loneliness

Welcome, to, another “application” of an already-written down theory!!!

Part I…the Internals…

In this view, that attributions to his loneliness is made, to not the external environments, not the interactions he’d shared, or lack thereof, with the world, and, in this view, the man (person???) is more than likely, to ponder on, how s/he could get her/himself, involved with the world all around, like getting more involved with the world, showing cares and concerns to the people that s/he comes across, thus, solving the ISSUES that are contributing factors that’s made her/him feel so lonely, and, in this way, the man (human) IS the one in control, of getting RID of her/his own feelings of loneliness.

Part II…the Externals…

In this case, the man (still talkin’ ‘bout HUMAN here, hello, hello, hello???) IS blaming his loneliness on how hey, nobody wants to play with me, like in the kindergarten day, and focusing solely on how others may have done her/him wrong, which takes away from the person’s ability to INTROSPECT, meaning that if this process continues, meaning that NO one set this man/woman STRAIGHT, then, s/he will go on, into her/his adulthood years, continue to, blame other people for her/his own problems, and this translates into the workforce as, oh, I got passed over for that promotion, NOT because I don’t got the skills for it, but because someone ELSE in the office IS a kiss-ass, and s/he knows just H-O-W to SUCK up to the manager, that, is why s/he got the promotion, instead of me…

And, in the case of loneliness, the person would blame her/his own loneliness on how someone refuse to befriend with her/him, how they’re all teamed together, and working on a conspiracy, to pull me down, and, before you know it, this person would become paranoid, which would lead to, maladaptations of one’s realities, or, the person can become so withdrawn that s/he simply, cut OFF all contact with the outside world, and start living in her/his own ivory towers, and keeps but, minimal contact with the world, like ordering in delivery, and handing the cash for the food to the delivery boy, and, beyond that, s/he is completely, SEVERED, from the rest of the world, and, this would be bad because???  Oh yeah, we are social animals, hello, hello, hello???  And, being social animals, we’re naturally, drawn toward connections with one another, meaning that without the connections to those around us, how the HELL can we become properly socialized???

So, who, are you going to blame, for feelings of loneliness now?  I don’t blame anyone, for my loneliness, in fact, I still much rather have that CUP (try the ENTIRE carton’s WORTH!!!) of SOLITUDE, all to myself, all in my lonesome, with nobody, but me, myself, and I, as MY best company, and, the “four” of “us”?  We’re still getting along, quite well with one another, and, feel free, to see this as my Multiple Personality Disorder (uh, yeah right!!!) “acting up” if you want to, but hey, I’m still highly aware, of myself, and I know DAMN well, that ALL of my “characters” are developed as a WAY I learned, to COPE with things, growing up, and, there’s still NOTHING wrong with me, not right now, ‘cuz I’d FIXED everything here!

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