A Woman in Her Twenties Went to Jinmen with Bravery, and in a Blink of an Eye, She’d Served with the Taiwan Fund for Children & Families, for Thirty Whole Years

Story of inspiration, of helping out, of offering hope to others, and, the bravery of this “young woman” should be commended too!  Translated…

A supervising social worker, who’d worked in Kinmen for almost thirty years to date, Lin came to Kinmen to work hard, as a young woman, and she is now, an “auntie”.  As Lin saw how every child she’d managed to help out are doing well, and, as they all grew up, they’d given back to the community, she believed, that this, was the greatest achievement in her life.

She came from a family of skilled worker, as Lin was younger, she’d loved helping others out, she’s open and well-rounded, after she’d graduated from the psychology department of Fujen University, at age twenty-four, she’d become a social worker at the Taiwan’s Fund for Children & Families, and, in the heat of the summer of 1988, she’d gone over to Kinmen to be stationed there, back then,, Kinmen was still a warzone, and, as a social worker, she’d had to arrive by a military airplane, and get an identification card to go there.

Lin said, that the most earliest memories she held of Kinmen were from the forecast reports, or that the neighbors’ children had gotten the service cards to station there, and the entire families started crying like crazy; but, as she was young and filled with ideals, she’d felt, “if someone else can do it, then so can I,” and she’d flown to Kinmen all on her own, and acted as the representative (more like a manager position) for the foundation, and, back then, there were only TWO representatives, stationed in Kinmen.

“The Department Manager, also the night security, social worker, AND accountant”, Lin recalled, that the two of them had to counsel a total of 350 separate families, and, they’d both rode out to visit the homes on their motorcycles, and, as the nights rolled in, there was NO lamps in Kinmen, it was, darkness, all around, and, she could only use telegrams, to tell her families that she was okay too.

Lin was the child with the highest degrees of all six children in her family, but also, made the lowest of wages, and for this, her family blamed her for it, but she believed, that through education, she could help the kids get out of poverty, back then, Kinmen WAS very poverty stricken, and there were a TON of people who needed the assistance, helping them made her feel like she was, helping those whom she knew, her relatives and her friends, and, having the fames and fortune was unimportant for her.

Because she’d fallen in love with the place, later on, as her friend, Hsu introduced her, she’d met her husband who’s a hard-working teacher in the local schools, back in 1988, she’d become a daughter-in-law of Kinmen formally, and later on, she’d become the branch manager for the local Taiwan Fund for Children and Families as well.

Lin said, she’d fallen, deeply in love with Kinmen, and this place is now, her home, she’d married, and had children here, she simply, can’t leave it now.  She is now, the supervisor for the social workers there, but she’d believed, that no matter what her title or post at work is, so long as she’d held on to the vision she’d carried from the beginning, to help out the families locally, then, it will be a meaningful thing that she’s doing.  In the future, she wanted to help find the local foundation chapter a permanent place, to help in more ways.

So, you still have a woman, who gave up everything, and went to a faraway place, where back then, NOBODY wanted to work in, and, she saw the needs for the local people, and, she’d given her heart and soul into helping others out, and, she’d also, found her brand new roots, started her own family, and married there, and now, this place that needed her had become, her hometown!


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