A Current Serviceman Strangled His Girlfriend & Her Mother After She Broke Up with Him, the Military Courts Found Him to be “Uneasy to be Reformed”, He’d Received the Death Penalty

So, whether or not you get “death penalty” is still reliant on how “well” you’d “behaved”, your attitudes toward the families of the victims, after the fact, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The current serviceman, Huang was displeased at how his girlfriend, after breaking up with him, asked him to pay up the debts, he’d invaded into his ex’s home, strangled her mother, took all the money and jewelries in her house.  The Hsinbei Collectivist District Court believed, that Huang had used such cruel methods, that it would not be easy, to reform him, “it would be hard, to beg for his life”, yesterday, the judge gave Huang the death penalty for his murders; after Huang heard the verdict, he’d remained expressionless, afterwards, he was taken, into the Taipei Penitentiary.

This, was the very first case after the amendments of court martial laws, where a serviceman was tried in regular courts and given the death penalty; the family of the deceased had also asked for the payments for their loved one’s death in the amount of over twenty million dollars, which was transferred to the civil courts to rule on.

Based off of understanding, Huang (age 21) had been dating his girlfriend for a little over two years, the girlfriend gave him her wages from her part-time jobs in the worth of over ten thousand dollars N.T., and, he’d spent it all, the couple started arguing over this matter.  Two years ago in July, the woman asked to break up with him, and asked him to pay back the money he took, Huang believed, that the woman didn’t consider that they were once lovers, and, started hating her, and that, was when the seed of murder was sown.

Two years ago on September 17th, Huang went into the armed services to service his army term, two weeks later, he was off after his orientation was done, he’d put on a face mask, made his way into his girlfriend’s house in Hsinbei City, strangled his girlfriend’s mother who was taking a nap to death, then, hid in the kitchen for a little over an hour, until his girlfriend returned home from work, then, attacked her, raped her, then, strangled her to death, and he’d taken the $10,000N.T. in cash that his girlfriend had in her bedroom; that very night, the police arrested him.

Huang admitted to murdering his girlfriend and her mother, but denied the allegations of theft and rape, claimed that it was consensual, when he’d had sexual intercourse with her, that the $10,000N.T. he took, was for the college tuition that he’d paid for his girlfriend from before, that it wasn’t stealing.  In the time when he was kept in jail, he’d written the Buddhist verses to give to the two women he’d murdered in cold blood, and had asked the courts to hand the hand written Buddhist verses to the family members of the deceased, and apologized to the family members, but the family members refused to forgive him for what he’d done.

The Collective Courts believed, that Huang had used such cruel methods in murdering his girlfriend and her mother, that it’d shown absolutely NO humanity, although he did apologize to the family members, but it still wasn’t enough, to soothe over the hurt and pains of the family members; and, the psych evaluations showed that “rehabilitating him would be next to impossible”, if the courts didn’t separate him from the rest of the world, then, he would surely, harm others using the same methods.  The judge believed, that if he was given life in prison, it wouldn’t be enough, to pay for what he’d done to the family of the deceased, as well as the two women he’d murdered in brutality, and that it would be a miscarriage of justice, or to keep the rest of the society safe.

And so, because this man murdered his girlfriend and her mother, in such a brutal manner, the courts decided to give him the death penalty, but, if you ask me (hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), life in prison would be MORE torturing, because then, he’d be gnawed by HIS own guilty conscience, every single night, until the moment he’d swallowed his last breath, but that’s just my thoughts on the matter, and, what I think really isn’t important, it’s how the judge had ruled!


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