The Philosophy of “Just Enough”

The wisdoms from life, translated…

For some foods, when you cook them, you only needed to add a little bit of Chinese basil, and, it’d, upped the tastes by a whole lot.

And still, when we buy Chinese basil, we’d have to buy a whole bundle’s worth, and, after two to three days, about ninety-percent of the leaves start turning black.  And even though, a packet of it costs only a little bit more than $10N.T.s, but, seeing how there’s that entire pack of Chinese basil that can’t be used anymore, I’d felt that it was a waste.

That day, I’d bought about 700 grams worth of clams, and the vendor attached a small packet’s worth of Chinese basil.  Making the clam soup, added a few leaves of Chinese basil, it tastes wonderful.

I’d placed the remaining packet of Chinese basil into the refrigerators on the doors.  Without expecting, that a week later, it was still, green as if it were just fresh off the markets, in the end, that small packet’s worth of Chinese basil lasted me a good fifteen days.

This had fazed me so, those normal huge packets’ worth of Chinese basil, no matter which way I’d used, to try to keep them fresh, but after three, to four days, they’d still, all turned black.  And yet, how come this small packet’s worth of basil, which I didn’t even pay it any attention was able to last for over two weeks?

I’d finally found the answers!  Turns out, that when the Chinese basils came in large packets, the leaves are cramped up together, and so, they’d all turned black quickly.  And this smaller packet of it, because there are more space between the leaves, so, naturally, they’re able, to stay fresh longer.

“Just right” can be used well, to the point of beyond its worth; “maximizing”, however, in the end, you’d have to throw it all out, and, you’d lost more than you’d bargained for.

In our daily living, when you’d opened up the freezers of your refrigerators, you’d often found a ton of food that’s past expiration; pull back the closet doors, you’d find an assortment of clothes, but, you’re always one article of clothing short for some reasons; and, there are, countless bottles of beautification products, but, every time that there was a sale at the shopping malls, you’d still bought more, and believed, that you’d gotten a great bargain, but, do you really need it all?  And, is it, really, a bargain?

When the leaves of the Chinese basil are cramped up together, they rot easily; and, isn’t interpersonal relationships like so as well?  Try giving someone else a chance to dance on stage, so they could shine too.  Only when you’d learned to share, then, you can give just the right amount of space to your lives.

And so, from a small packet of vegetables, that, is what this woman realized, and that still just shows, how you can find inspirations, in ALL areas of your lives, and sometimes, you don’t even, need to look too HARD for what inspires you, because it’s RIGHT there, in your lives already, and, all you need, is to open up your mind, and, allow it to inspire you…


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