The Hand that Made the Pianist Excel

An ODE to mommies!!!  Translated…

My colleague gave me some tickets for a piano recital, told me that I won’t regret it if I went.  Naturally so, watching this young and mild young pianist, with his long fingers gliding across the keyboard, and the heavenly sounds came from the instrument, and, I’m in awe.

Why would the pianist have this great playing techniques?  During intermission, a woman who was dressed up to the nines told me the stories of the pianist’s struggles.  The woman said, that when he was younger, he had a knack for music, as he’d heard a tune, he could write it out on the sheet music pages, with the notes correctly.  After he’s off from school, he’d loved finding his mom, to stroll in the musical instrument stores, and could play the simple pieces on the pianos too.

His mom knew how much he loved music, hoped she could sign him up for lessons, but her husband was taken to gambling, abandoned his family, and, she’d made a living for them both, using the measly wages she earned at the factory.  And the price it’d cost, for the piano lessons, she couldn’t possibly afford on her own.  She’d watched how much her son longed for this, she couldn’t turn him down, and so, she’d come up with a way, she’d made visits personally, to countless musicians, hoped that she could work as a maid, in exchange for her son, taking the lessons.

Even though she’d lowered herself, asked over twenty teachers, she got nowhere.  But one day, she’d gotten a call, it was, a female instructor who’d just come back from France from her studies, she’d heard the story of this mother from a friend of hers, she was interested, and felt in awe toward the mother’s persistence, and wanted her to come help her clean up her house, and was also willing to give her son the lessons.

This mom felt very grateful, other than working hard at her day job, in the evenings, she’d gone to this female piano instructor’s home to work as a maid.  And her son was very knowing too, that his mom had given a lot for him, and so, he’d took the mind and the heart to learn piano from this instructor, in a few year’s time, he’d won numerous competitions, and gotten the government’s support for a trip to study in the U.S.

After he’d come back, he was already pretty famous, he’d toured all over the world, and every time after he was finished playing, he’d asked his mother to come on stage, to share the applause of the audience with her, and this time, he’d done, just that too.

In the hollering of the people in the audience, the pianist hugged his mother with hairs all white, and that was, when I’d found, that the woman seated right next to me was missing, turns out, she went to the stage, and was shaking hands with the pianist and his mom, and, their eyes were teary.  I’d also understood, from all of this, that behind a great pianist, there are always warm hands, giving her/him the push forward.

And so, this, is how it goes, because the son wanted something so bad, and the mother did all she possibly could, to provide for him what he wanted and needed, and now, the son is a successful and famous pianist, and, the mother instilled the right kind of value in the son, through working hard, being a good example for him.


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