The Case of the Murdering of an Japanese Adolescent, the Primary Suspect: I Hated Him for Telling on Me

People still MURDER one another, for the smallest things, don’t they???  They sure DO!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The youth, thirteen-year-old Uemura was murdered by the riverside of Tamagawa, the eighteen-year-old suspect admitted to the murders, just eight days ago before the incident, Uemura’s friend went to confront him, because he couldn’t hold down his anger, that, was why he’d murdered him.

The local police department arrested three people, the eighteen-year-old leader stated, that Uemura’s classmates and his friend’s older brother had gone to his house, interrogated him on why he’d beaten him up, and asked for an apology.  Back then, the primary suspect who beat him up wasn’t at home, his mother and older sister notified the police.  The police came to their house, and immediately called up Uemura, and he’d told him, “I’d already made nice with him (the 18-year-old)”, and that, is when the group left.

The primary suspect later told his friends, “I was tattled on by him (Uemura), I hate him!”.  Last month on the 20th, after he and two seventeen-year-old suspects got drunk, they’d called Uemura out to the river side where the crime was committed.  At first, they’d asked him to strip down and take a dip into the river nude, waited until he came back up to shore, they’d murdered Uemura with a craft’s knife.  After the crime was committed, the two seventeen-year-old suspects took the victim’s clothes to the restroom in the park and burned it up.

The very next day, Uemura’s body was found, and, one of the seventeen-year-old youth rote on LINE, “It’s ALL my fault!”, and, the originally silent primary suspect had finally confessed to murder.

And so, that, is how those RAGING hormones get you into trouble, because you felt angry, and, because they’re at that age when everything that’s way too miniscule gets magnified to beyond your imagination, and that, is why this spur-of-the-moment, crime of emotion had happened, and, more than two lives are still lost here…


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