Contemplations About Cancer

Why me?  Why now?  When I’m just starting off in life?  How can this be?  I eat all organic foods!

And, these, are just some of the contemplations about cancer, OFF of the top of my head, and, they’re all, very BAD ways of coping, because all of that will lead you, into that downward spiral called: DENIAL, and, you’d have to dig your way out from that denial grave, and, climb back up again.

Contemplations about cancer, now you’d been diagnosed, so what?  Will you survive through it, or, will you die?  Nobody can tell!  Is it going to spread to another bodily organ of mine?  Am I going to lose some vital part of my body?  Wait and see!

Contemplations about cancer, is actually, not a good way of coping with the “news”, because it’d spark up a ton of whys, and, just like that LOSER told me, “Why is a question that requires volumes to answer” (hello, hello, hello???  Apparently, I still wasn’t DEAF back then!!!), and, by contemplating about cancer, it’d only suck you, deep, into that VORTEX, and, you just might, miss the treatment time.

So, STOP contemplating, and just deal with it already, but hey, what would I know?  I never had to deal with ANY serious, near-death illness, did I?  Oh wait, I had, that’s still ONE AVM, ONE ruptured brain vessel, and I’m still here, kicking AND screaming so god DAMN loud, so, I must know something, huh???  Uh, D-U-H!!!


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