Can’t We Take Care of Our Own Aging Parents, Must We Hire Those from Abroad to Do it?

The “expert’s” opinion, from the Newspapers, translated…

Still recalled how the country started to allow foreign hired helpers to care for the families’ elderly, the Barthel Index score was set at 35, and, almost all who’d applied gets approved, but later on, it’d become, more complicated, there are those patients that I’d never even seen before, that came to me, asked for the forms for approval for hiring a foreign helper.

All of these wheelchair prone patients looked distant, with no light in their eyes, and were accompanied by a “family member”, and, with the stories on the news, I’d slowly come to understand, that those “family members” were actually from the companies that are hiring out the help, and those wheelchair prone “patients”, may have been trained, to act like they’re impaired.

When the Foreign Helpers Slowly Became the Primary Forces of Care

Once, I’d despised having to sign the papers that allowed for the families to hire a foreign helper, hated seeing how the game of trust is being played.  But, with the years of my practices, I’d started using a more positive and helpful attitude to assist the patients and their families, because this, is a method, to allow the elderly, to age as gracefully as they possibly can at home, although it may not be the most ideal, but, it’s the most workable way.

With the cases of scams from the applications for the foreign hired help increased, the doctors became more and more conservative in signing the documents, fearing that one day, they too, might get scammed by the middlemen, and may get sued in court.  What’s interesting was, that the government had loosened the requirements for hiring these foreign helpers, and, because the needs of the people increased, these foreign hired helpers became the primary force in taking care of the elderly people who’d lost their abilities.

Since when, those who’d accompanied the elderly on their strolls to the parks had become foreign hired help from all other nations, and the primary caretaker for the hospitalized elderly too, are mostly, foreigners.  I’d seen a ton of amazing foreign hired helpers, who took good care of the elderly, and, as they’d left the families to head back home, they’d feel sad too, and, the long-term care insurances also saw the foreign hired caretakers a important resource to caring for the families.

And, this sort of a trend, is not at all, surprising to me.

As the Number of Elderly Increases, the Japanese & the Korean Don’t Hire Foreign Helpers

But, in Japan, where there are MORE elderly in the population, they naturally didn’t have any foreign hired helpers, and, in Korea, which showed similar rate of the increase in the number of elderly, they too, didn’t have foreign hired helpers, and, in China, the one-child-policy clearly caused the need for family caretaking, they too, didn’t have the foreign hired helpers, so, what’s up with Taiwan then?

The statistical measures done by the Health & Sanitations Department in 2010 showed, that there are about 310,000 elderly who had lost their abilities to take care of themselves (including mildly to severely mental incapacitated), and, in 2010, the foreigners who were here, for that purpose had almost reached 200,000, subtracting the elderly who were placed in homes, and those who were mildly incapacitated, maybe, every single elderly who’d lost ability has a foreign hired help to care for them, no wonder recently, the primary countries from Southeast Asia started rethinking thinking their citizens abroad to work, and, the family members are deeply distressed during the wait, to have a foreign hired help to come to their families.

Roughly estimating, the 200,000 foreigners receives $20,000N.T. per month, and, it’s a $480,000,000N.T. industry, not to mention the 200,000 job opportunities.  Of course, if you considered how much it costs, to hire someone from locally, with the price of $60,000N.T., an ordinary family just couldn’t possibly afford that.

But, is the future of the aging population solely reliant on foreign hired helpers indefinitely?  Making the rules more lenient, it’d only showed how much we needed it.  So, how come in Japan and Korea, the government can not hire any foreigners to help out?  Because the foreigners who couldn’t communicate with the elderly couldn’t possibly KNOW what they’re needing, plus, the manpower for caring for the elderly can be achieved through the developments of local industries, and so, they’re finding caretakers internally.

For the Time Being, We Should Start Training People to Provide Care

I’d gone to visit a lot of care facilities in Japan, and visited some of the long-term care facilities in the local communities, I saw so many younger men and women who are smiling, helping the elderly get around, bathing them, took them shopping too, I saw the pride of the caretakers.  I also saw the comforts of the elderly persons being looked after.

Taiwan had taken a different approach, compared to Japan and Korea on caring for the disabled elderly, the primary source of caretaking of our elderly is from foreign regions, but, is this, the future, that we all want?

Take good care of your own countries, is the hot-blooded words from a long time ago.  In order to save our own nation, establishing the local caretaker forums is also very important, take care of your own aging elderly!

Yeah, uh, easy for YOU to say, D-O-C!!!  The younger generations all have to work, and, because how tight our money is currently, there’s NO way that ANY of us can QUIT our jobs, and look after our own demented, ailing, aging parents ourselves, after all, the kids ALL have their separate lives to live, don’t they?  And so, we’d grown to become, totally reliant, on these foreign helpers to care for our aging family members, and this, IS the trend here!



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