An American Police Officer Shot & Killed an African American Homeless Person, Angering the Masses

This time, it’d gone VIRAL!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

At noon, on the streets of Los Angeles, on March first, the police officer of Los Angeles opened fire and killed a homeless person, the whole process was taped by witnesses and streamed onto Facebook, and because in the footage, it seemed that the homeless person was shot at after he fell to the ground, it’d caused a TON of angers from the online community.  The police explained, that it was because the homeless man tried to resist arrest and attempted to take the gun from the officers, that, was why they’d shot at him.

The place where this incident occurred was outside the Union Rescue Mission, a place where the homeless can go to sleep and to get a meal, a deputy, along with three other police officers all shot at the African American homeless man.  Some of the witness told, that the man who was killed was nicknamed “Africa”, after he was treated for psychological difficulties, he’d become homeless.

Back then, as the police got the call for the robbery, they’d rushed to the scene, outside of the tent that “Africa” stays in, they’d circled him and attempted to arrest him.  “Africa” fought back, and gotten into a physical altercation with the officers, an officer punched him down onto the ground, while the other three officers tried to subdue him, at least one officers used his Taser.

The witness, Blakeburne tape recorded the entire process using his cell.  You can hear one of the officers called out, “Put down your gun!”, followed by four, or five shots fired.  The passersby started screaming, a witness screamed out, “Why did you shoot him?  Didn’t you already tasered him?” the four officers tried to calm the crowd back down, but someone started screaming, said that the deceased wasn’t armed.

“Africa” getting shot to death by the police had caused the angers of the online community toward the police department, believed that it’s another case of overuse of force.  Blakeburne told CNN, “I took out my cell to record, because we saw the news on the police using brute force, without realizing, that I’d bore witness to a tragedy.”

The LAPD Commander, Smith stated, that this homeless man was attempted to rob someone, that although the police had tasered him, it didn’t subdue him.  Smith said, that he’d watched the footage four times, and felt awful about someone losing his life, called it a “tragedy.”

Smith said, that the case will be reviewed and investigated by an independent D.A., examiner, and the investigation unit of LAPD.  At the end of last year, the many cases of African Americans getting shot by the police had caused a ton of riots, and this case will be under the public’s eyes too.

And no, I’m quite certain, that this, is still, NOT going to BE the last of ITS kind!  And because, this African American man WAS unarmed, and he was brutally murdered by the police, but what we don’t have, is why the police were at his tent, and other important details, all we see, is how this African homeless person WAS brutally murdered by the police, that, is why people are getting angry all over, and, until we have the whole story, we can’t make judgments of who’s right or wrong, can we???  Of course not, and, we also shouldn’t allow our emotions of the past events affect us in the way we see this particular case.


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