The Nightmares of His Childhood

The nightmares of his childhood, he’s still living in them, but, wait a minute, didn’t he grow up, like, uh……a VERY, VERY, V-E-R-Y long time ago???  So, how come he’s still, trapped, by those nightmares of his childhood?

The nightmares of his childhood, he’d been working hard, tryin’, to OUTRUN them, but, those monsters that originally found THEIR permanent place of residence underneath that bed of his, well, they’d all, found a NEW “residence”, inside of HIS unconscious now, and, each and every single night, they’d still come out, and taunted, and haunted him like crazy.

The nightmares of his childhood, will he EVER be able to overcome them?  At this rate, it doesn’t look like so at all, after all, it took him eighteen years to become an “adult”, on the OUTSIDE, and, on the inside, well, he’s still that scared-like-hell little boy, who’d startle, whenever he’d heard the front door outside his bedrooms slam shut.

The nightmares of his childhood, he won’t EVER find an effective way of overcoming, because, NOBODY was ever there, NOT even HIS mama, as she’d been beaten up by his daddy too, and, she couldn’t even FUCKING protect herself, keep herself well, how the HELL was she supposed, to have the mind, to CARE for that young son of hers?  So naturally, this little BROKEN boy grew up, and become, a BROKEN M-A-N!


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Filed under Childhood, Coping Mechanisms, Cost of Living, Story-Telling, Suppressed Memories

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