The Nightmares Carried Over into Adulthood…

This, is still, ALL from MY understanding of life here…

The nightmares you’d had since when you were children, will get carried, INTO your adulthood years, only that they’d manifested (yeah, BIG word!!!) themselves into something else, and, are, affecting you, in the various realms of your lives…

The nightmares carried over into adulthood, primarily, because they didn’t get completely resolved (look that up too, why don’t ya!!!) earlier, and, because you’d put off dealing, either consciously, SUB-consciously, or even UN-consciously, with them for so long, they’d become, suppressed, into that LEVEL of depth, and, it’s gonna take HELL to FREEZE (and, look at how the temperature’s currently droppin’ right now!!!), to bring ‘em all back up and OUT again.

The nightmares carried over into adulthood, because as a child, you’d felt scared, and maybe, cried out for your parents, but, uh, they’re way too busy, discussing who did what wrong to whom, that they’d, neglected to pay ANY needed attention to you, and, you WERE once, a very long time ago, the “product” of their love (product of a consented FUCK is more like it if you ask me!), and, therefore, you’d D-I-E-D, and that part of you that’s gotten taken out of your childhood (it’s called INNOCENCE, you MORONS!!!), well, it still hurt, don’t it?  And, it will, KEEP on hurting, gnawing on you, until one day, you finally deal with it, which, is quite unlikely, because all you will keep on doing, is sweepin’ ‘em GARBAGE, right underneath those big ol’ rugs of YO lives!  And this is still???  Oh yeah, my B-A-D (when’s it MY “good”???): NOT my P-R-O-B-L-E-M!!!

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