Insisted on Getting Addicted, We’re All Coffee Addicts

My FAVORITE!!!  Coffee, that is…translated…

In the Coffee Tree Research Lab, everybody is very ecstatic, as they’d chit-chatted on the subject of coffee.  It’s hard to imagine, that the founder of “FIKA FIKA”, Chen was a student of broadcasting, and the man in charge of “Simple Kaffa”, Wu, was a straight-A student from the NTU’s electronics majors, and, the man who brought this group together, “Uncle Coffee”, Hsu, was a student of the forestry majors, and, none of their areas of expertise has any relations to coffee at all, just the person, Lin, who’d provided the space for the shops, who’d majored in horticulture is the closest.  This interesting finding reminded me of how under the reports of how Wu won the 2013 Barista competition, there was a message that said, “It’s such a shame, that with a degree from NTU, he’d ended up being a barista.”

“Such a shame?  Why?  I know, to the coffee fanatics who are here today, giving up the pursue of finding great coffees, that, would truly be a shame!

As we’d chatted, tabloids are a must topic, but, the tabloids still circled around the subject of coffee, someone couldn’t help but complain, “in the five-star hotels here, we’d had five-star servings of food, but the coffee is very low in quality…the words had touched everybody who was there.  This sort of a trend, IS truly a shame.

Knowing One’s Own Capabilities

The writer today was only HALF of an announcer, as a coffee observer, for me, it isn’t hard, to find the background stories of these coffee masters, but, to understand these experts in coffee, and, with the knowledge of the area, we’d still needed “Uncle Coffee” to input, and help us, “translate”:  Mr. Clever is drip coffee system, because I’m a fool, so I call it clever; AeroPress is like the espresso machines when you’d pressed a button, and, it’d make the kind of coffees you wanted it to, and it only takes just one minute.

And so, this, is a group people with a love of coffee, that were originally strangers, but, because of this shared interest, they’d become friends, and that just shows, how easy it is, to connect with others, just find something you have in common, and go from there, like this group of strangers who’d met, for the very first time, for the coffee forums.


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