Beaten to Death, as an “Unintended Result” of Discipline

Beaten to Death, as an “Unintended Result” of Discipline

Bring out ALL your excuses, people!!!  From…

The woman accused of fatally beating her 4-year-old nephew for refusing to complete a spelling assignment never intended to harm him, her lawyer said Sunday.

“This could only be described as being the result of excessive discipline with horrific unintended results, said Michael Gold, lawyer for Christen Dale.

Dale, 21, was arraigned Friday on manslaughter, assault and other charges in the death of Ethan Ali.

Gold called the death a tragedy for the Brooklyn family and the defendant.

The 21-year-old Dale told a detective Ethan was having trouble spelling and refused to finish an assignment for the first time Tuesday, according to a criminal complaint.

The next day, Dale struck the boy repeatedly with the belt, prosecutors say.

A medical examiner found extensive bruising on his body, back and head, as well as internal bleeding.

From the “angle” of the human interests, JUST because you NEVER meant to hurt the kid, beaten him to DEATH, hello, hello, hello???  Are you FUCKING shitting me here?  Just because the kid REFUSED to complete some spelling assignment, hello, hello, hello?  Which one of you as children had sat in front of your desks, and managed, to finish YOUR homework assignments, all at once, without getting distracted by what’s on television, or the raucous on the outside of your rooms, or even, your houses?  So, the reason for “overdisciplining” her nephew to death still would be quite invalid, don’t you think???  Uh, D-U-H!!!

The kid was having troubles, doing his spelling assignment, because???  Oh yeah, he couldn’t understand it, and, instead of teaching him, patiently, like a GOOD adult should have, you’d lost your tempers, and, beat him to death, now, how’s that right?  And, his life is lost, so, who’s gonna PAY for that, huh???

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