A Man Felt Displeased in an Altercations, He Tossed His Dog from the Fourth Floor, Over Ten Thousand Members of the Online Community Started Talking

This is, SCAPEGOATING AT its worst, and now, he’s getting SHOT by the online community!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man in his forties, Lee, two days ago, after he got drunk and had an altercation with his girlfriend, he got angry and tossed the dog from his fourth floor balcony, after the dog hit the ground level, it’d barfed up blood then died.  The neighbors took the video footage and streamed it on Facebook, and, over ten thousand viewers online replied and passed the story forth, as the police went to Lee’s place to ask about it, Lee stated, “I don’t have a dog.”

The Hsinbei City’s Animal Protection Department stated, if the citizens abused a pet to death, based off of the laws for protection of animals, they can get up to a year’s worth of jail time, even IF death was not caused, the individuals can still be fined up to one million dollars, , the case had been sent to investigation of the police now.

The neighbors told the police, that very morning, he’d heard Lee and his girlfriend spat, and, at eleven o’clock, he saw, from his own window, Lee, carrying what seemed like a trash bag to the lanai, and, three it out from the fourth floor, he went to check, and it was a puppy.

The neighbors accused that Lee had the habits of getting drunk, every time he’d gotten drunk, they’d heard him, beaten up the dog, or when he’d had a fight with his girlfriend, last year, he’d had an altercation about the switch that controlled the front door, and was beaten by Lee.

The police investigated, Lee has priors in damages, and claimed that he graduated from the police academy, yesterday after the police got the call from the neighbor, they’d gone over to Lee’s, but Lee was still in a daze from drinking, not only did he block the officers out of his place, he’d also claimed that he didn’t have a dog.

The police said, that after Lee wakes up and sobers up, they’ll call on him to get his statements, if Lee still refused to be investigated, then, he will be sent to the D.A.’s office on breaking the laws on animal protection.

And so, this, is scapegoating still, because the man had a fight with his girlfriend, and, he couldn’t hit her without being sued, and so, he’d picked on his girlfriend’s dog, and yet, what the HELL did the dog EVER do to you?  Exactly, and now, you’re looking at punishment from breaking the laws.

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