With the Death of Her Child, Comes the Termination of Her Marriage

Here, we have, the superglue, worn out and off already…

With the death of her child, comes the termination of her marriage.  She never even planned to marry in the first place, but, that one evening, when she got too wasted, and, he just, humped her, and, nine months later, and, from when her baby was born, he’d been ill, and, that infant had been in the incubator since he was born, and, his mother couldn’t even look at him, fearing, that he won’t even reach the age of one.

But, that little boy, although, he had so many birth complications, he’d survived.  And, for a very long time, she’d casted aside, the thought of wanting, even, desiring, a divorce from the man who gave her son to him.

That little boy, however, had all of his health complications, and, in the end, he still died.  And, the moment that the doctors came out of the O.R., and told her, that her son didn’t make it, she let out a sharpened cry.

After that, she felt free, and guilty, for feeling free.  And, that guilt had, kept her, locked up, and bound, in her unhappy marriage, for a couple more years, and, she and her husband, drifted, farther, and farther apart still.

And finally, she decided, to free them both, by drafting up the divorce paper, with everything split, down the middle, and now, as she walked out, into the sunny afternoon from the courthouse, she could, finally, breathe, for the very first time, in a very, very, very, very long time…



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