The Voices of the Children of Migrant Workers, Now Heard, by the Person in Charge of the Legislative Branch

The power of just THAT one voice was enough, to help initiate change, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

On yesterday’s report on the young children of migrant parents, being born, without any statuses of citizenships, it’d gotten the media’s attention.  The man in charge of the legislative department of the government, Mao, had asked the Department of Immigrations to find ways to help out soon as possible, and asked all the departments to work together, to assist these children of migrant workers; including the CEO of the Industrial Research Systems, Tsai, as well as many other kind souls all contacted the papers on their own, showing their desires to help out.

The Labor Department said, that the legal workers who gave birth in Taiwan, the government can give out the assistance to provide the childcare services that the parents were in need of, or to ask a nonprofit organization to help take care, so the migrant workers won’t have any worries, so they can focus on their jobs; as for these children of illegal status workers, the government, from a humane point of view, should also help assist in placements.

The migrant workers in Taiwan had reached to above 550,000, they’re the basic force of the working class, but the children born to these parents, due to the laws and the restrictions of the systems had become “ghosts” mostly, and can only rely on the public or private organizations, to help raise them up, they’re struggling, on the edge of society, growing up.

After the report was written, it’d shocked a lot of the members of the public to know, that there is a group like this in Taiwan.  And because the government didn’t do anything, to keep tabs on the number of children of migrant workers, the Director of the legislative branch, Mao also asked to find out about the total number of migrant children, and how they’re living, so the government can come up with ways to assist them.

After reading the reports yesterday, Ching-Yen Tsai called up the papers, stated how he wanted to help out.  Tsai said, that in the past, he’d not known about this group of overlooked children, as a grandfather, he said, “This condition makes me feel awfully bad.”, he and his wife are willing to assist in anyway they can, they’re willing to work as volunteers.

The former CEO of the Child Welfare League, the current legislator, Wang suggested, to give the right to work here for the female migrant workers, to break the restrictions of the law, so those kids with parents who can’t take care of them, or those kids who were abandoned by their migrant parents can be adopted locally in Taiwan, are all ways that we can work out this problem.

So, how many children, from migrant workers are there, exactly, in Taiwan?  The Office of Immigrations told it truthfully, there’s no way of knowing, because most of these migrant workers gave birth on their own, and not reported having given birth, making it hard, to know, the exact number of kids out there.  The “Mother’s House”, due to how it’s borderlining the law, couldn’t make a clarification of the statements.  The owner of the “Mother’s House” said, that she feared, that after the organization gets out in the open, it would affect the lives of these migrant workers and their kids, and they merely expressed their gratitude to the papers for making their stories know and helping them out.

And so, this, is a human interest story, on how the world showed cares and concerns, for these children who were born, unregistered, because their parents don’t have the citizenship statuses here, and this also showed, how the world is not cold, or aloof, toward the situations that these kids are involved in, so, it’s still a good day here.


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