The Son Fell Off a Building and Died…the Cause of Death, Unspecified, There’s No Insurance Claims Paid

From the Newspapers, translated…

A college student, Chang fell downward from his fourteenth floor resident, his mother believed that it was an accident, asked the insurance company for a claim, but was denied; she’d sued for the insurance payment of two million dollars, the District Court of Shihlin believed, that although the cause of death on the death certificate was “unspecified”, there’s a huge change that it was a suicide, so the mother lost the case.

When Chang’s mother was asked before, she’d told the officers, “I’d found him leaping out of the window”, and, when the D.A. cross-examined, she’d changed her statement to, “as I’d opened up the windows, I’d found him on the ground level already.”  The judge believed that her first response was the truthful, and her replies five hours later when the D.A. questioned her, was not believable.

The college student, Chang, two years ago, on October 21, leapt from his fourteenth story window.  The D.A. examined, and found that he had a skull fracture, and died of hematoma in the chest cavities.  But the autopsy report had “unspecified” as his cause of death.  The parents believed that he’d taken out an insurances of one million dollars, and there was a one million dollar student insurance policy, so, they’d filed for the claims.

The life insurance company, because the certificate said that the cause of death is “unspecified”, plus the D.A. added, “ruling out foul play, unspecified reason for him falling off of the building, but, there’s a high chance of suicide”, that the insurance company shouldn’t need to pay.

The district court found, that there was no sign of struggle inside Chang’s room, or forced entry either, there was no external injuries on his body either; the man is 5’7, and the window was only one meter from the floor level, he couldn’t have misstepped.  But the parents insisted that their son had no problems in the academics, or emotionally, that he couldn’t have wanted to kill himself.

But, the judge found out, that before Chang died, he’d asked the school for a one-month leave, which his father had drafted up the note.

The judge believed, that having acne will not cause death, but, the deceased had once told his classmate about the difficulties of his academia, and, the reports all pointed toward that the falling off of the building was caused by him, taking the leap, that it wasn’t an accident at all.

So, these parents were merely wanting to make some money off of their son’s suicide, it’s understandable, I mean, your kid had died, and, if you could make money off of that, then, why not, right?  But, this was a suicide, and, insurances don’t cover suicide, and so, there’s no payment, and, what’s even odder was, that this guy showed absolutely NO signs of distress, or so, the parents stated, so, what, would cause this kid to commit suicide???  We still don’t know here.


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