On My Way, to Hiking Up a Mountain

The ins and outs of life, translated…

On the MRTs, I’d met up with a group of elderly hikers, and, as they alighted, they’d all had their eyes on the priority seats, but, unfortunately, there weren’t enough for them all, and those who didn’t get a seat can only make fun of themselves, “as the age of living longer comes, there would be an entire row worth of priority seats, I wonder, where, will the younger generations sit?”, the few youths who were sliding their cells, quickly stood up.

The temperature was ten degrees, and, yet, there are, more and more people on the Tiger Mountain, they’d already knew, that it’d get even colder higher up, and yet, they still climbed.  On the entry to the mountain hiking trails, there was a group, doing the samba, they were all, older adults, fast tempo “The Cha-Cha of Love”, without any body contact with each other, danced separately on their own, and they’d done a slow-motion dance, combined with Tai-Chi moves, that’s new.

After the Cha-Cha was done, the music became “The Water Splashing Song”, the elders danced and sang along, “I’d passed by your door yesterday, you took a bucket, and, started pouring water outside…”, the instructor who sang had counted out the beats, and pointed to the group, how to dance, “finger upwards, tap twice in the skies, toe, heel, jump.”, to the showering segments, everybody started shaking like crazy, and, made fun of one another’s way of dance, such an energetic dance to stay healthy, to start the day off, joyously.  Although I was just passing through, I couldn’t help, but joining in the dance with my toes and hands.

Not far off, there were a few Yip Man and Fei-Hong Wong, working hard, to do martial arts moves, with absolutely NO distractions from the outside, getting to them.

In the resting stall half way up, an elderly woman showed off to the familiar hikers, how she’d earned another $200N.T.s.  “So lucky, picked up the cash on the ground?”, the stranger asked, the elderly woman waved, “No!”, it’s the incentive that her son gave to her, to help her get active, after she’d lost her husband: every time she’d gone hiking, when she gets home, she gets $200N.T. cash.

“Then, you’ll be really rich soon!”, someone joked.  The elderly clarified, actually, she’d given all of her earnings to buy pizza for her grandson, and from time to time, the whole family would go to a karaoke, and have a sing-off, she’d picked up the tabs, seeing how her son had the heart, she too, shouldn’t become so stingy either.

The elderly woman stayed for a while, then, put on her scarf, her head, ready to head upward, I’d wanted to tell her, it’s this cold, why not just slack off, your son shouldn’t know!  But, seeing how persistent she looked, I’d put that thought to rest, because how can this honest and generous elderly woman toss away her son’s kindness toward her?

The icy cold winds of just ten-degrees are hitting my bones now, I’d kept my neck tucked inward, as I hiked on the trail, I’d walked and stopped, looked all around, and, found, that there’s nothing but beauty, surrounding me.

And so, this, is from the observations that someone had made on a hiking trip, and, the individual had gotten to know the people she met on her hiking trails, and, they don’t necessarily know one another here…


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