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Ready to Embark on the Journey Called Love Yet???

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Nope, still NOT packed up completely, plus, what, would the weather be like there?  I must, be prepared, for any and everything here!

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Perhaps, you’d been waiting, for this day so long, as your last love had left you, brokenhearted, and in pain, and you’re just, eager, to getting yourselves, back on the “market” again, after all, getting WITH someone, IS the best way of getting OVER someone, right?

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  No, not really, but, since you’d left, my friends kept setting me up for blind dates, trying to get me to go out more, without knowing, that I needed time, to mourn for you, for us, even, I know that their hearts are in the right place, but, I just wanted, to be left alone, with the memories of you, of us…

Ready to embark on the journey called love yet???  Don’t worry if you’re not right now, because, you will soon be, as, everything will eventually, heal back up, and becomes, brand new again, you’re not just, quite ready, to move on from your last yet, and, sometimes, these wounds, caused by love, takes a BIT longer than expected, so, just, give it time.

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How Did a Little Boy Who Dreamed of Becoming a Soccer Star End Up as a Primary Jihadi Terrorist After He’s Grown?

Story by: A. Jamieson, for, with the “discussion” afterwards by ME!!!

LONDON – Masked executioner Jihadi John, who the global face of ISIS, was a sports-obsessed 10-year-old who liked Manchester United, PlayStation game Duke Nukem and listening to teen pop bands.

Mohammed Emwazi, who has beheaded Western hostages including Americans James Foley and Stephen Sotloff, wrote about his childhood dreams in an elementary school yearbook.

The 26-year-old London-raised college graduate was unmasked Thursday as the mystery figure in the ISIS propaganda videos.

“What I want to be when I grow up is a footballer,” the future killer wrote in the St Magdalene’s Church of England yearbook dating to 1996.

Asked where he thought he would be when he was 30, Emwazi added: “I will be in a football team and scoring a goal.”

He was also a fan of British band S Club 7.

One of Emwazi’s former teachers described him as a “diligent, hardworking, lovely young man” who was responsible, polite and quiet.

“There was never any indication of any kind of violence at all,” said the teacher, who spoke anonymously to NBC News’ partner Channel 4.

So, you still have to contemplate, ponder, as to W-H-Y, or even H-O-W, this little boy, raised, under quite “normal circumstances” (whatever “normal” means!!!) can become so EVIL, but, we can only speculate, that, something MUST’VE gone wrong in his growing up processes, but, we don’t know for sure, and, this time, perhaps, “nature” played a bigger role, or perhaps, not, nobody will EVER know!

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Starting Off Friendly School Week Right, Implementing the Policies Against Violence & Bullying

Wow, so, the local governments ARE taking the initiatives on putting an END to bullying on the school campuses, huh???  From the Newspapers, translated…

In order to help prevent the infiltration of gangs, drugs onto school campuses and prevention of bullying, the Hsinbei Department of Education had set up the first week of every semester as “Friendly School Environment Week”, asked the school officials to become more aware to bullying in school; this year’s activity was led by the mayor of Hsinbei City, Chu.

Making the schooling environment friendly means “Anti-violence, anti-bullying”, the local governments are working hand-in-hand in recent years, to give the students more protections, the Department of Education stated, that at any time, if any students have any issues at all, they’re free, to report the issues to the schools.

The Department of Education proved the effectiveness of the program by pointing out, that just last year, the drug use and abuse on campuses had lowered almost twenty-percent compared to two years ago, and that the cases of bullying in school are lowered by twenty-one percent, and this time, the Friendly Campus Week used “Justice is found in friendly campuses, say no to bullying” as its catch phrase, at the same time, the government would set up safety nets, and hold yearly conventions on the matters, to increase the level of sensitivity toward the issues of the school officials, as well as the students.

And so, would this work?  Nobody knows, as this program is still quite young, and, in order to see if it works, let this program run for a couple of years, and then, we’ll compare, but, based off of the statistics given here, yeah, it’s working, because prevention always works better than treatment.

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The Guide for Their Graduation Trip Turned Out to be the Wolf Who Was Filming Them without Their Consent

A VERY bad example here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A tour guide, Yang utilized the chance that he was leading a group of students who graduated, set up cameras in the hotel showers and bathrooms on the trains, to secretly film the footages of the teachers and students without their knowledge or consent, afterwards, when he was found, he’d deleted the files on his computer, but the D.A. still managed to get the files of eighty-seven shots back, there were at least five hundred kids and teachers who were victims, from at least twenty-four schools, and the victims include kids in the elementary years as well.

The Hsinbei District Court gave him one crime one punishment, and found him guilty for obstructions of secret, gave him five years six months jail sentence, that he could pay a fine and not serve any hard time, but if he paid the fines, he would have to pay over two million dollars worth of it.

The courts investigated, that Yang (age 33) the tour guide, was a freelance, had been selected by multiple travel agencies, to lead the student groups.  Last year on July seventh, Yang took a certain business technical high school’s salon department to Taichung, Kaohsiung, and the beaches in Kenting for their graduation trip, a female student, while she was taking a shower in the hotel in Kaohsiung, shockingly discovered that there was a needle cam, with memory card, she’d immediately told her instructor.

The school immediately checked into the matter, and found that there was another room, with the needle cam installed too, so they’d contacted Yang, but Yang refused to meet up with them.  After reviewing the surveillance footage of the hotel, the school realized, that Yang took the time when the students went out to dine, and went into their suites, and the school started suspecting, that Yang was the one who’d installed the cameras, and called the police, Yang also admitted, that he was taping them without their consents.

The detectives took Yang’s USB and laptop into custody, but they’d not discovered any footages, and believed, that Yang must’ve deleted the files after he was discovered.

After taking the laptop into the computer department of the police stations, they were able to get the deleted files back again, and found that Yang took a total of eighty-seven segments of the teachers and students using the restrooms, showering, and changing.

The detectives also found, that since 2011, when Yang took the graduation groups to the mid-southern parts or in Hualien, Pingdong regions, he’d often used the excuse of keeping an eye on the keys of the students’ and instructors’, to use the time that they’re out dining, to get into their bathrooms, to install the spy cams, and he’d even install the cameras in the restrooms on the trains, to tape down footages of them, using the bathrooms.

Yeah, this, is how bad it got, and, this time, the wolf was one of the “professionals”, he’d only POSED as a tour guide, and, he was able to take advantage of so many people without their ever knowing that he was secretly filming them too, that still just shows, that wolves are all around you, and, sometimes, because they’d masked themselves up so well, you can’t even tell it’s them.

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Seeing Shadows of My Father at a Famous Person’s Old Home

Love for one’s father, translated…

When my father was younger and was attending medical school, he’d once lived in the northeast for almost a decade, back then, the former director of the legislative office, Yun-Shuen Sun was going to Harbin for college, and because of this, my father said, that, they’re, of the same origins, seeing anything report on Director Sun, he’d proudly exclaimed, that being born in the Northeast is what sets you apart.  And he’d often exclaimed how he’d gone from a student, to running the legislative branch of the country, that he’s very righteous and very able-bodied too, so, when I was younger, I’d gotten to known Director Sun very well.

I’d learned, that the late home of Director Sun was opened, I’d found a weekend, and gone, to see it myself.  The moment I walked in, I saw Director Sun’s photograph, with him, sitting up straight at the patch of grass in the yard, it’d attracted my attention for quite a long time, that, was an all-too-familiar look, too personable, it’s, as if, he were actually, really there.

There was the notes of Director Sun, detailing everything, with Russian side notes.  Back then, as I just got into the university, my father took out his cherished notes from years ago, taught me how to take down the key points of the lectures.  The same notes were, written very well, with the German annotations, he and Director Sun’s hard working mannerisms in school is comparable all right.  The huge briefcase that Director Sun used, it’d reminded me of the black medical supply case that my father carried with him everywhere he went, with the entire set of medical equipments, and whenever someone needed a house call, he’d gone out with it.  My father treated all his patients as if they were his family members, during his mealtime, his afternoon resting hours, even in the middle of the nights, if someone needed his services, he’d gone to answer their calls, worked hard at his post, until he fell ill.

There was a photograph of the director’s mother’s portrait in his suite, he fulfilled his filial piety toward her, after his mother passed, he’d still gone to say good morning and good evening to the photograph of his own mother, this made me remember how much care went into my father, taking care of my own grandmother.  My grandmother had a total of three strokes, and my father took care of her on his own, without the assistance from anybody else.  As my grandmother passed, I still couldn’t forget how my father looked so sorrowful, as he held on to her body.  The two of them were both, fitting sons.

As I’d walked out of the last place that former Director Sun lived, I’d stared at the photograph hung outside, with him, smiling, with a persistence, and, in a blur, I started seeing my own father, smiling, in the icy winds, the fragments of memories I had of my father came one by one.

And so, visiting this place had triggered this person’s memories of her own father, because, there were so many similarities between the director and the narrator’s father, and, that, is how going some place that you least expect, can rouse up the memories of someone for you.

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She Saw Hope, at the Turn of the Corner

The growth of a woman, translated…

It was already, past ten, as I passed through Jiao-Jiao’s breakfast shop, saw that there were still, a couple of guests, dining there, I’m truly happy for her.

A decade ago, her husband who worked for a private sector company, because he was laid off, started getting depressed, and after six months worth of hunting for another job, he was unsuccessful.  Seeing how the life of the family of three was about to not make it, he’d become depressed, and started trying to drink away his sorrows.  Later on, on a stormy night, he’d died in a car crash.

Toward this sort of situation, Jiao-Jiao started crying endlessly, thought that her son was not yet five, and, she didn’t have a skill or savings, how is she to raise her son up?  And, every time she’d thought about her own predicaments, started losing sleep every single night, one day, as she was strolling the streets with her son, she saw a breakfast shop, just opening up for business.  It looked like the female owner was a foreigner, with a young child on her back, working hard, to make soy milk, and that scene, it’d given her hope.

She stood outside the shop, looked in, for a very long time, and thought to herself, if she can do it, why not me?  And so, she’d wiped her own tears away, took her son’s hand, and, as they walked back home, she’d hummed the songs.

She’d told the landlady, that she’d taken some breakfast making classes at the community college, she’s confident, that she’s able to make the regular breakfast foods, that she’d wanted to open up a shop, hoped, that the landlady could help her find a spot, so she could get some extra earnings, and could take care of her child at the same time.

In the hard working manners of the landlady, she quickly found a spot that used to be a parking spot, with a roof, a place where she could place a cart, and a few chairs and tables.  The owner of the space took pity on her situation, loaned her fifty thousand dollars to set up shop, and made some flyers, so everybody can know about this small shop.

And so, Jiao-Jiao started owning and operating her breakfast shop, she’d worked hard every single day, providing for her guests, the best kind of customer service, and the freshest of foods, so the guests, can begin their days fresh, on a good note.

She’s not only a great cook, she’d also placed her own collection of books into the shop, so the guests can read and hold conversations as they’d dined; and, the guests could also bring their own private collection of books to share with each other.  And, she’d managed, to operate her shop like it was a big family, and so, her business was going quite well.

Seeing how Jiao-Jiao had overcome her difficulties from a hard situation, and now, stability had returned to the mother and son, and her middle-school aged son I studious, well-behaved and well-rounded, I’m truly happy for her.

And so, this, is a story, of overcoming obstacles, the woman lost her husband, and had to start all over on her own again, but, she’d kept her eyes on the prize, moving on, and, she’d found something to work towards, and, managed, to run this small shop well, and that takes more than strength, it also takes determination too!

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A Husband Who Heads Out, Late in the Night

What’s he been up to, why must he go out so late???  Translated…

On a cold winter’s night, after I’d gotten the kids settled in bed, I’d curled up into the quilts early, and, I’d mumbled to myself, “Kept coughing nonstop, I’m already hoarse.  I have to talk all day long tomorrow, don’t know if my throat will manage?” with my half-in-a-daze, half-awake mind, I’d tossed, and turned in bed, in a daze, I’d heard the front gates clacking.

“It’s eleven o’clock already, and my husband’s still heading out?”, my imagination started running wild and uncontrolled, “could he be, meeting another woman?”  “could it be, that he’d gotten annoyed with the kids arguing, that he felt the need for air?” “it’s cold now, will he get a cold?”, my thoughts tangled up my head, I’d decided, to get up and see for myself.  The car’s still here, then, he must’ve gone on foot?  Or, is there someone, picking him up?  I’d allowed my imaginations to get the better of me.  In the end, I’d decided, to “stalk” him, using the phones.  I’d dialed him up EIGHT time, and still, NO answer, I’d become even more worried now, went to the garage, the motorcycle was gone, then, he must’ve rode it out then?  “Where the HELL did my husband go?”, my heart went to midair, and all the muscles on my body tensed, I couldn’t help, but dial him up once more, this time, it was ringing.

“Honey, where are you?”

“Out to buy something.”

“It’s this late, what would you need to buy?”

“Okay, okay, I’m heading home now.”

After knowing where he was, I’d fell much relieved.  Not long thereafter, the steel door outside sounded again, my husband’s footsteps slowly, shuffled toward the bedroom, from the living room.  He’d opened the door, saw that I was still awake, and said, “ran to two separate pharmacies, they’re all closed, and after I’d looked online, and I’d discovered that they have throat candies at the super convenience stores.”

On the winter’s night, when the wind was so icy cold, and my husband rode out, just to buy me some throat candy, so I can pass through my next day’s work without any difficulties.  I’d told him in a light voice, “thanks”, and, the warmth surged to my heart, and chased away the coldness of the winter night, I’d wanted to hug him hard, but, because I have a cold, I couldn’t.

We can’t predict the futures, and, I just wanted to, cherish, the happiness at hand, I’m so grateful, toward my husband, for cherishing me so.

So, it was, all in your head, and the reason why he rode out this late, was because he wanted to help you out, to help you stop coughing, and, it’s his thoughts that touched you, and, whether or not the medicine worked, it wouldn’t matter now, would it?  Of course not, and this just shows, that acts of kindness, of appreciation is still, better shown, than said.

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