I’m a Stray, the Perspective of a Dog, Abandoned

Found online, translated…

Just Walkin’ Alone, with Nowhere Particular to Go

Nothing to Hover Over My Head When the Rain Came Down on Me

Looked Here, and There Too, But Found Nothing Edible

Looks Like I Will Be, Feeling the Hungers in My Dreams Tonight

I’d Dreamed About My Owner But He’d Become Too Blurred Out

I Guess, He Wanted Me, to Learn to Fend For Myself

I’m Still Wearing the Shirt You Gave Me as a Present

But, No Matter How I’d Lifted Up My Head I Can’t Recall Those Happier Days

I Still Recalled, the Heat From the Palms of Your Hands

And Recalled that Small Passage We Took, to Get Back Home

It’s Just that, I Fear that You’ll No Longer Recognize Me

What to Do, I’m Hurt It’d Often Reminded Me of You

I Can’t Take Myself to the Vet

McDonald’s, Ketucky’s, They’re My Favorite Fast-Food Restaurants

And, You’d Used to, Sneak Me Inside

I Expect, You’ll be Showing Up, Hug Me, Don’t Look Down on Me

Don’t Let Me Feel that, the Skies Are Really Gray

So, does your hearts ache, after hearing this story, from the perspective of a D-O-G?  You should, after all, you’re talkin’ ‘bout something getting abandoned, and, s/he had once had a good home, but, for whatever reasons there may have been, s/he is not, without that loving caretaker, wonderful owner, and this can also be “applied” to people getting abandoned, NOT just P-E-T-S!!!

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