Her Adoptive Mother Was Selfless in Helping Her Find Her Birth Mother with the Assistance from the Police, and Now, She Has the Love from Both Mothers

That’s the spirit, isn’t it???  From the Papers, translated..

A sixteen-year-old, Liao’s birth parents were separated before she was born, from when she was three, she was raised by her maternal grandmother’s landlady, the adoptive mother treated her as if she were her own, but, she still felt that she wasn’t whole, she’d missed her birth mom; with the assistance from the Sinchuang Police Substation, the mother-daughter pair who hadn’t seen each other for thirteen years met up, the adoptive mother was happy to see this as well, the adolescent girl now has love from both her mothers.

Lin, the woman who’d adopted the girl said, back then, she saw how the grandmother who wasn’t well off at all raising her granddaughter alone, she felt awful, and the little girl was very close to her too, and, loved her so, and although her children are both teens, after she’d talked with her grandmother, she’d told her she was interested in adopting the child.

And because of her religious beliefs, she’d even consulted the gods about it, turns out, that the two of them have the affinity of mother and daughter after all, although the adolescent’s birth father was opposed to this, he hadn’t signed the papers, to allow for the adoption to take place, but the woman still treated the adolescent girl as if she were her own, raised her up, and after the child’s maternal grandmother moved away, they’d lost contact.

Awhile ago, the adolescent talked of how she’d wanted to find her birth mother, the adoptive mother, Lin was supportive of that, and so, she’d asked the help from the social worker of the social welfare center, last year, she’d gone to the police station, to ask for assistance, but at first, she only had the name of the birthmother, without finding out how to contact her.

Later on, the officer from the birthing registration department was able to track down the girl’s birthmother’s older sister, but she’d suspected that it was a scam, until the young woman told the story that almost no one knew, of how she’d gotten her name changed, did the aunt believe her, and, in the evenings, she managed to get into contact with her birthmother.

But, the birthmother said, that she couldn’t raise her daughter up back then, that, was why she’d given her to her own mother, and, in the decades’ times, she’d felt awful, for abandoning her child, and she missed her so, and never worked up the courage to track down her daughter.

On the 25th, the police had originally arranged for the meeting of the adoptive and birth mother, after the adolescent learned, she’d insisted on taking a leave of absence from school to go, but, she was kept, in the office next to the room where her birthmother and her adoptive mother met up, during which time, she kept begging and pleading, said that she didn’t hate her mother for abandoning her, just missed her mother.

Later on, in the encouragement and communication from the officer who assisted in tracking her down, the birthmother agreed to see her daughter, when they’d met, they held on tightly to one another and cried, and, the bystanders were all very touched, and backed slowly, out of the room, to allow the estranged mother-daughter pair to talk alone, for over an hour.

The birthmother kept on apologizing, and the adoptive mother, Lin also consoled with her, told her, that she would be willing, to keep on caring for the teenager, and she’s welcome to visit at anytime, so, their daughter can have the love from both her mothers.

And so, this, is a great ending, isn’t it?  Because the adoptive mother was open enough, not fearing, that if this teen sees her birthmother, then, she would forget about her raising her, and, it’s with this kind of generosity from the adoptive mother, that this story ended, perfectly.


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