She Saw Hope, at the Turn of the Corner

The growth of a woman, translated…

It was already, past ten, as I passed through Jiao-Jiao’s breakfast shop, saw that there were still, a couple of guests, dining there, I’m truly happy for her.

A decade ago, her husband who worked for a private sector company, because he was laid off, started getting depressed, and after six months worth of hunting for another job, he was unsuccessful.  Seeing how the life of the family of three was about to not make it, he’d become depressed, and started trying to drink away his sorrows.  Later on, on a stormy night, he’d died in a car crash.

Toward this sort of situation, Jiao-Jiao started crying endlessly, thought that her son was not yet five, and, she didn’t have a skill or savings, how is she to raise her son up?  And, every time she’d thought about her own predicaments, started losing sleep every single night, one day, as she was strolling the streets with her son, she saw a breakfast shop, just opening up for business.  It looked like the female owner was a foreigner, with a young child on her back, working hard, to make soy milk, and that scene, it’d given her hope.

She stood outside the shop, looked in, for a very long time, and thought to herself, if she can do it, why not me?  And so, she’d wiped her own tears away, took her son’s hand, and, as they walked back home, she’d hummed the songs.

She’d told the landlady, that she’d taken some breakfast making classes at the community college, she’s confident, that she’s able to make the regular breakfast foods, that she’d wanted to open up a shop, hoped, that the landlady could help her find a spot, so she could get some extra earnings, and could take care of her child at the same time.

In the hard working manners of the landlady, she quickly found a spot that used to be a parking spot, with a roof, a place where she could place a cart, and a few chairs and tables.  The owner of the space took pity on her situation, loaned her fifty thousand dollars to set up shop, and made some flyers, so everybody can know about this small shop.

And so, Jiao-Jiao started owning and operating her breakfast shop, she’d worked hard every single day, providing for her guests, the best kind of customer service, and the freshest of foods, so the guests, can begin their days fresh, on a good note.

She’s not only a great cook, she’d also placed her own collection of books into the shop, so the guests can read and hold conversations as they’d dined; and, the guests could also bring their own private collection of books to share with each other.  And, she’d managed, to operate her shop like it was a big family, and so, her business was going quite well.

Seeing how Jiao-Jiao had overcome her difficulties from a hard situation, and now, stability had returned to the mother and son, and her middle-school aged son I studious, well-behaved and well-rounded, I’m truly happy for her.

And so, this, is a story, of overcoming obstacles, the woman lost her husband, and had to start all over on her own again, but, she’d kept her eyes on the prize, moving on, and, she’d found something to work towards, and, managed, to run this small shop well, and that takes more than strength, it also takes determination too!


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