A Husband Who Heads Out, Late in the Night

What’s he been up to, why must he go out so late???  Translated…

On a cold winter’s night, after I’d gotten the kids settled in bed, I’d curled up into the quilts early, and, I’d mumbled to myself, “Kept coughing nonstop, I’m already hoarse.  I have to talk all day long tomorrow, don’t know if my throat will manage?” with my half-in-a-daze, half-awake mind, I’d tossed, and turned in bed, in a daze, I’d heard the front gates clacking.

“It’s eleven o’clock already, and my husband’s still heading out?”, my imagination started running wild and uncontrolled, “could he be, meeting another woman?”  “could it be, that he’d gotten annoyed with the kids arguing, that he felt the need for air?” “it’s cold now, will he get a cold?”, my thoughts tangled up my head, I’d decided, to get up and see for myself.  The car’s still here, then, he must’ve gone on foot?  Or, is there someone, picking him up?  I’d allowed my imaginations to get the better of me.  In the end, I’d decided, to “stalk” him, using the phones.  I’d dialed him up EIGHT time, and still, NO answer, I’d become even more worried now, went to the garage, the motorcycle was gone, then, he must’ve rode it out then?  “Where the HELL did my husband go?”, my heart went to midair, and all the muscles on my body tensed, I couldn’t help, but dial him up once more, this time, it was ringing.

“Honey, where are you?”

“Out to buy something.”

“It’s this late, what would you need to buy?”

“Okay, okay, I’m heading home now.”

After knowing where he was, I’d fell much relieved.  Not long thereafter, the steel door outside sounded again, my husband’s footsteps slowly, shuffled toward the bedroom, from the living room.  He’d opened the door, saw that I was still awake, and said, “ran to two separate pharmacies, they’re all closed, and after I’d looked online, and I’d discovered that they have throat candies at the super convenience stores.”

On the winter’s night, when the wind was so icy cold, and my husband rode out, just to buy me some throat candy, so I can pass through my next day’s work without any difficulties.  I’d told him in a light voice, “thanks”, and, the warmth surged to my heart, and chased away the coldness of the winter night, I’d wanted to hug him hard, but, because I have a cold, I couldn’t.

We can’t predict the futures, and, I just wanted to, cherish, the happiness at hand, I’m so grateful, toward my husband, for cherishing me so.

So, it was, all in your head, and the reason why he rode out this late, was because he wanted to help you out, to help you stop coughing, and, it’s his thoughts that touched you, and, whether or not the medicine worked, it wouldn’t matter now, would it?  Of course not, and this just shows, that acts of kindness, of appreciation is still, better shown, than said.


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