The Butterfly Effect of Smiling Like a Fool


For someone who was once a spokesperson like me, I’d given off the impression, that I’m articulate.  But, I wasn’t always like this when I was growing up, I was too quiet, to the point that my friends and family thought that I might be autistic.  My articulateness, is mostly, due to the trainings I’d received, from the debate club back in college.

Could it be, that I’d realized the importance of being able to express myself well that’s gotten me involved in the debate club?  Sorry, no!  Getting into the debate club for me, it was, purely, by “accident”.

Back in college, I’d majored in business administration, when I was still a freshman, one day after a class period, as I was about to leave the room, I was stopped, by two strangers.

“Excuse me, are you, Chih-Chiang Lo? “Yes, I am, what can I do for you?”

The two guys introduced themselves to me immediately, one was an older guy in the chemistry department, the other, from the oceanography department, they were, the former and current president of the debate club at Yatsen University.

I was stunned, right then and there, started thinking, “I don’t know you guys, and, you just asked me, so bluntly, if I wanted to represent the school at a debate forum, what the hell?”, but I didn’t verbalize my doubts, I just, started, smiling, like a fool.

Without realizing, the older schoolmate immediately told me, “Seeing how radiantly you’re smiling, I’d take that as a yes then.  Please come to Room 5009 in the West Wing for the discussion session late on tonight.”  After that, they both, left.

I was still in a daze, but, these two uninvited guests had sparked my interest, and that evening, I’d gone to their group gathering, and, I’d gotten, so very much into this extracurricular activity since.

When we arrived to some point in our lives, whether if the point is good or bad, there may be those who inquired, “What stage of life are you in?  What did you do?  To turn yourselves into who you currently are?”

Meaning, that I am who I am right now, because back then, there was a decisive me, who’d decided, what kind of person I wanted to become, what I’m going to do in life.  But, in reality, who we are currently, is, made, only, in part, by our own free will, but, the key events are controlled by the uncontrolled instances that fell out of our hands.  Sometimes, the so-called future is not up to us to decide, but, caused by some minor, insignificant events.  Like how back then, I’d gotten involved in the debate club.

A little while after I’d become a part of the debate club, I’d curiously asked the older schoolmate who’d recruited me, what had caused him to have me represent the school in the debate meets?

The older schoolmate smiled and said, “we’d selected the members by random, and, you’d started, smiling like a fool, and so, we took it to mean, that you’re on board!”

Actually, as I’d gone to the freshman debate meet, I was purely there, to take up a spot, and, I’d even forgotten my lines as I’d gone on stage, I’d even thought, that this, “Freshman Debate Forum” was a social function made possible by the school, instead of the debate club.

Turns out, the life that followed, had started, with that dumbfounded smile so very long ago.

And this just shows, that chance encounters serve important purposes, because without this man, smiling like a fool, he probably wouldn’t have gotten invited to join in the debate club of his college, which led him to become a public speaker on the issues, so, this is still fate’s doing, only that this time, fate has masked itself up as some random chance encounter in someone’s life…


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