A Sunny Boy Set Himself on Fire, the Father Was Impacted, “I Don’t Even Know What Was Going on in My Own Son’s Mind”, What Set This Off Was His Father Telling Him to Go to Bed Earlier

The last straw finally broke this camel’s back, I suppose, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fourth-year student from Chien-Kuo Technical University, Shue was found to have used gasoline, to burn himself alive, the father stated, that two nights ago, his son was playing online games, and he’d nagged him a bit, he couldn’t believe, that his son had killed himself, “I really wanted to know what kind of world he lives in inside.”

Shue’s primary instructor said, that Shue had managed to keep the top three grades in his class, and earned scholarships every semester, and that in April, he was due to turn in the graduation projects, “Dr. Nano”, an gaming app for the cell phones; and that in order to write a better program, he needed to examine other people’s work, that during the winter vacations he’d played video games nonstop, was supposed to help him make his own final project better, that he wasn’t, lured into the gaming world.

School started yesterday, the fourth year student, Shue didn’t show up for class, the instructor felt that it was quite odd, not long thereafter, Shue’s younger cousin came to the school, and told, “my cousin had died, he won’t come to class again.” The instructor was shocked, and asked, “are you telling me the truth?”

Shue lived with his parents in Taoyuan, early yesterday morning, Shue’s father found the son missing, and notified the police, and went out looking for him with his wife; at around 6:30 in the morning, in the workers’ shack opposite from where they lived, he’d found his son, dead, with a can of gas right by him, the mother passed out and was taken to the hospitals right away.

Shue’s father said, that they lived up in the mountains, where it was not easy, to get gas, and so the family would keep two kegs handy.  He said, that his son started getting drawn into computer games since he was in high school, and late last night, he was still logged on, and the family nagged him a bit, to go to bed early, and, in the middle of the night, the son went out, that the next time they’d found him, he was, already dead.

“We’d given him the best in everything.”  Shue’s father stated, that his son was the only male, whom everybody loved, and since he was old enough, they’d never used corporal punishments on him; but his son is introverted, and the family didn’t know what he was thinking, that it’s hard to believe, that because he got nagged, and killed himself, he hoped to get to know his son’s contacts outside the home online.

The primary instructor said, Shue and his four classmates had worked together on the designs of their final project, “Dr. Nano”, two days ago, Shue was just discussing the matter on the class’s Facebook pages, and promised to finish his part soon.

“Shue is a sunny boy”, the department head said, that for his eight o’clock classes, he’d always shown up early, went to the office to get the classroom key, and always wears a smile; he couldn’t understand, how he could’ve taken his own life in such an outrageous manner.

Let me take a WHACK at that!!!  Perhaps, the son felt that the father just nagged him, and, he simply didn’t feel like explaining to his father about WHY he was playing those online games, and, this must’ve occurred, long before this young man’s suicide, because these sort of things happen, as the end result, and, it’s usually, not caused by any single event, it’s usually an accumulation of things, and, his father’s nagging had finally, made him cracked.


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