Turning the Original Methods of Mate Selection Upside Down

Observations from the workforce, translated…

Recently, there were two girls from my office who’d managed, to turn the original views of mate selection upside down.  Both young women just graduated from college not long ago, one works in couture design, the other, in computer drawings, they’re both beautiful, intelligent, and hard working at the same time.

Both young women had steady boyfriends, one of them was already discussing the matter of marriage with her boyfriend already.  Their boyfriends, one is a plumber, the other, works in fixing up the houses at a construction site.

We’d thought that the boyfriends of these two girls were white collars who sat at office, none of us realized, that they were so practical, on their views of marriage.  We’d heard, that working as plumbers and construction workers are hard, but, the wages are high, enough, to sustain a small family.

There was an older woman at the office who’d stated it so humorously, “although they’re blue collars, but, having a viable skill beats dressing up well, earning a 22K salary!”

And so, this, is what these two young women had chosen for their partners, they both worked as white collars, and so, people would imagine that they’d date someone who’s also white collar, but they’d dated manual workers instead, because they believed, that having a viable skill, is more important than being able to make a 22K salary, and, this, is the right kind of values that these two young woman has.


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