The Bed & Breakfast Owned & Operated by an Engineer, on Changing Tracks

This, would be, a 360 degree change someone made in his life all right!!!  Translated…

Some three years ago, my coworker, Liu handed in his resignation, back then, we’d all suspected that he was, getting a better offer for work from another hi-tech company, without realizing, that he was invited by a friend, to work, as a manager at a certain vacation hotel in Taidong.

Turns out, this friend saw how personable and outgoing Liu was, hoped that he could help, up the operations of the vacation spot.  Back then, Liu was having a low in his career, and, he was contemplating, whether or not he should stay working in the hi-tech field or not, and, because his friend had handed him the invitations, Liu had, gone all out, and changed tracks into the service industries, and he’d left Taipei, gone to Taidong, to open up, a brand new territory for himself.

After Liu started working, he’d managed, to open up a LOT of good connections, in recent two, three years, anytime our company gets group vacations, we’d all, headed his way, and would have at least, one fresh vegetable hot pot for a meal at the vacation spot.  The coworkers who knew Liu who had trips planned to Taidong would always drop by to say hi, and they’d taken the advantage of the company vacations, to catch up with him too.

Other than putting forth the dining experience in the vacation spot, Liu had utilized the local botanical garden, and put forth an assortment of natural herbal products such as herbal insect repellents, essential oils, hand creams, etc., etc., etc.  Once very few months, when Liu went on business trips or returned home to Taipei, he’d returned to the office, to visit with his former colleagues and his managers.  And he’d loved sharing the ups and down of him working in the service industry, as well as the observations he’d made from working in the vacation spot in Taidong.

Maybe it was because of the good environment, and how well he felt in working, every time I saw Liu, we’d realized, that he’s looking better than before, and it’d made us all, very envious.

Liu who fell in love with Taidong had, bought a property there two years ago, on the one hand, he’d worked on changing the property, a mansion, into what those backpackers enjoyed staying, a bed and breakfasts, and started looking at people who can be the successors.  Later on, he was able, to hand off the baton, and he was able to, fulfill the request of his friend in the end.

The bed and breakfast had its grand opening just last April, Liu had set up the touring sites, using the preferences of the different backpackers, to allow them to be able to experience the life in Taidong in depth, and shared the stories of the backpackers he’d met up on Facebook, to attract more tourists to visit Taidong.

Other than running the bed and breakfast, Liu also helped put forth the products of the artists from the locale, to help the travelers know Taidong better.

There’s a line in an ad, “The focused woman is the most beautiful”, seeing the changes that Liu had made these couple of years, I’d realized, that a focused man is even more handsome.  It’s a bliss, to work in a career that pleases oneself, as well as one’s own friend that’s for certain.

This man was burnt out from his original work, and so, he’d changed tracks, without hesitation, because he knew, that staying put will get him nowhere, and that, was why, he was brave to change track, and, because he held a positive attitude, that, was why he was able to succeed in working, and, his attitude is admirable, and in the end, he not only helped his friend out, he’d also, found a brand new path for himself…

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